Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Dream Come True: Interviews of Christian Recovery Leaders Worldwide

Christian Recovery Leader Radio Interviews World Wide

A Dream Come True

Dick B.

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Only a short time ago, AA Historian Dick B. announced at an International Christian Recovery Coalition Leadership Summit Conference held at the Crossing Church in Costa Mesa, California, that he had a dream.

The announcement came just after a host of great Christian Recovery Leaders had delivered very short talks on what they were doing to further the Christian Recovery Movement and on what their plans for the future included.

The talks were excellent

But time constraints required that the talks be limited to 10 Minutes, even as to Christian Recovery Leaders who had traveled to the International Christian Recovery Coalition conference from Florida, Texas, Northern California, Delaware, New Jersey, and many distant California locations such as Oroville, Palm Springs, San Jose, Costa Mesa, Whittier, West Covina, Huntington Beach, and elsewhere.

Dick announced at that conference, at the companion conferences in Livermore and Brentwood and Oakland, as well as the recent conference at His Place Church in Westminster, California, that he had a dream of having lengthy radio interviews with the dozens and dozens of  Christian Recovery Leaders, Workers, Newcomers, and concerned members of the public he has met and known over the past 23 years.

At this last conference, Rev. Michael Liimatta – long a leader in recovery work, treatment, outreach to the homeless and veterans, Gospel Rescue Missions, Alcoholics Victorious, Footprints, Inc., and City Vision College -- suggested a no cost radio solution. And we seized on the idea.

Today – May 29, 2012 – my son Ken B. and I conducted the first interview. And Rev. Michael Liimatta was the first Christian Recovery Leader interviewed. And these interviews will continue each week, indefinitely, as long as the free facility is made available. The dream came true.

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