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“I want to start an A.A. History and Old School A.A. Bible Roots Group!” Article Two

“I want to start an A.A. History and Old School A.A. Bible Roots Group!”

Article Two: The Resources We Recommend for Each Group

Dick B.

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The  Previous Article One Suggested Precisely How to Establish Your Group

And we will write three or four short articles that give you some practical suggestions and some hints for avoiding controversy and blockades.

This Article Two Explains the Resources the Group and Its Leader Should Study and Use

First, make sure you have the following A.A. General Services Conference-approved Literature items. And these should be placed on the Secretary’s table, apart from other agreed literature:

Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th ed, 2001;

DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers, 1980;

The Co-Founders of Alcoholics Anonymous: Biographical Sketches Their Last Major Talks (A.A.’s Pamphlet  P-53).


Second the following literature should be acquired, placed on a separate table, and used a) by leaders to learn; b) by speakers to teach; and c) by those attending the meetings to absorb the meeting materials:

Holy Bible;

Alcoholics Anonymous: The Original 1939 First Edition, with introduction by Dick B.

Dick B. and Ken B., The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide, 3rd ed., 2010:

Dick B. and Ken B., Stick with the Winners! How to Conduct More Effective 12-Step Recovery Meetings Using Conference-Approved Literature: A Dick B. Guide for Christian Leaders and Workers in the Recovery Arena (2012)

Center Column of Front Page of,

with instructions to download for $9.95.

Dick B. and Ken B, The “Stick with the Winners” Video Series of 27 Video Classes that complement the foregoing four non-conference-approved resource books:, with instructions for obtaining for $29.95.

Third, we suggest that a complete reference set of 29 Dick B. titles be acquired at the substantially discounted price of $249.00, kept in the group library, and used as needed.

We are offering the entire, 29-volume, "Dick B. Christian Recovery Reference Set" for:

Ongoing Special!

Only $249.00—Shipping included!*

* Please note: The “Shipping included” offered as part of this “Ongoing Special” opportunity for the "Dick B. Reference Set" only applies within the continental United States. For Shipping & Handling for areas outside the continental U.S., please contact Ken B. via email at for details.*

To order, see or call Ken B. at  808 276 4945 and have your Visa or MC ready.

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