Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The New Christian Recovery Series is On the Air, Growing, and Soon Expanding!
Dick B. and Ken B.
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You can plug in to all these shows on right now:

The following presentations are either on the air or shortly to be presented on the Christian Recovery site. And all but the first can be seen, heard, read, and downloaded FREE – courtesy of the benefactors, sponsors, and contributors to, and participants in the work of Dick B. and Ken B on the International Christian Recovery Coalition

1. The Stick with the Winners 27 video classes on Alcoholics Anonymous History – a one-time only charge of $29.95 for all  27 of the video classes.

2. A free video series by Dick B. and Ken B. will feature many aspects of Alcoholics Anonymous History and of the Christian Recovery Movement. The first video is up and running with others to follow when funding is available to produce the ensuing video films free.

3. A free Take 12 Radio program of “A.A. History with Dick B.” is presented every Tuesday, with ongoing shows, and free archives of other shows. Producer is Monty Meyer of Oregon.

4. An ongoing free series of radio programs presently begun  and presented by Dick B. and Ken B. in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii on; soon to be posted on and composed of interviewed personages such as:

(a) World-wide Christian recovery leaders, physicians, psychologists, addiction medicine specialists, writers, historians, researchers, speakers, Bible scholars, professors, clergy, recovery pastors, and international substance abuse prevention and recovery organization heads [from International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition, International Christian Recovery Coalition, City Team International, Overcomers Outreach Inc, Alcoholics Victorious, Footprints Inc., City Vision College, Neighborhood Alcoholics for Christ, Celebrate Recovery, Teen Challenge, Snyder Life Enrichment Retreats, religious denomination leaders handling alcoholism and addiction recovery, and church sponsored recovery groups];

(b) Christian treatment and rehab program directors, Christian sober-living facility and transitional housing directors, Christian residential recovery home owners, and Christian after-care facilitators.

(c) Christian interventionists, counselors, chaplains, and Christian detox facility directors; Christian bridge groups, church recovery groups, and church recovery fellowships.

(d) Chaplains and Christian outreach directors for care, prisons, homeless, hospitalized, veterans, and at-risk addicts, alcoholics, and codependents.

(e) Christian directors of A.A. and other national archive memorial facilities (such as Wilson House in Vermont, Dr. Bob’s Home in Akron, Dr. Bob Core Library in Vermont, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Library in Akron, the Shoemaker Collection at Calvary Episcopal Church in Pittsburgh, and the Seiberling Gate Lodge in Akron

(f) Active and recovered AAs, NAs, archivists, historians, International Christian Recovery Coalition speakers from its Speakers Bureau, government and social work employees, employee and union assistance program directors, social workers, and members of the public concerned about overcoming, preventing, and treating alcoholism, addiction, and codependency.

5. Dozens of free A.A. History Talks by Dick B., recorded and posted, and covering each aspect of A.A. origins, history, founding, original Christian fellowship program, and successes; as well as those people and organization that influenced the founding and development of early A.A.; and other topics published in Dick B.’s 44 books, over 1000 articles, blogs, YouTube presentations, forums, Dick B.’s several websites  (;;;;;;
and other Dick B. blogs and Christian and recovery websites.

Gloria Deo

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