Friday, May 25, 2012

A.A. and Clarence H. Snyder of Cleveland

There are five or six key books and pamphlets about Cleveland A.A.'s Clarence H. Snyder. We will point to them and feature one of them at this time.

Featured article: Dick B., That Amazing Grace: The Roles of Clarence S. and Grace S. in A.A.

Some of the other Clarence H. Snyder materials about A.A. are Mitchell K.'s How It Worked, Clarence Snyder's My Higher Power the Lightbulb, Clarence Snyder's Going Through the Steps, Clarence Snyder's Sponsorship pamphlet. Three A.A. Oldtimer Clarence Snyder Sponsees and Their Wive, "Our Legacy to the Faith Community.

Clarence was the first the emberace the Bible, the Big Book, the Twelve Steps, the Four Absolutes, and "the rest of the old program." And they had a 93% success rate in Cleveland and grew from one group to 30 A.A. groups there in a year.;

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