Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Origins of Alcoholics Anonymous: A Pleasant Surprise

It seems we never know what will pop up on the internet these days. And today, the following appeared out of the blue. It is most welcome:

The following are articles that have been written by several AA historians that have taken the time to search and research the history and origins of Alcoholics Anonymous. The articles appearing on this site were chosen to show references to the validity of the origins of the original message of Alcoholics Anonymous, not to show our history as a whole. For links to other sites that deal with the history of AA see the favorite links page.
The following articles are from one of AAs leading historians, Dick B. It was a pleasant surprise when I stumbled accross some of his articles a few 24 hrs ago. I have spent many hours reading his articles and books and have learned much about early AA from his research. For more from Dick B. go to his website at www.dickb.com

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