Friday, April 26, 2013

Plan on Coming to the Third International Alcoholics Anonymous History Conference in Portland Maine in early September

Plans are under way for a major international A.A. history conference to be held in Portland, Maine in September, 2013. Stay tuned for dates, times, and locations. Dick and Ken will arrive early and be available for personal meetings and discussions on A.A. history and the Christian Recovery Movment. Friday, there will be a roundtable discussion by leaders who want to present suggestions, problems, and experienced solutions in presenting A.A. history fully, truthfully, accurately, and informatively . Saturday will have four major topics: (1) Early A.A. roorts, principles, practices, program, and successes. (2) Discussion of the Twelve Steps in the context of today's AA and old school A.A. (3) Focus on newcomers, beginner's meetings, and what beginners need to know about A.A. (4) Focus on sponsorship and what is missing, needs adjusting, and is valued. Sunday Dick will give testimony in a Portland Maine Church. Then t here will several more days of meetings, talks, brainstorming sessions, and contacts. Wednesday the conference will close with Dick being the speaker at an A.A. meeting.

For information, contact 808 874 4876. Come join us. If you're knowledgeable, we need you. If you're not, you need us! Aloha, Dick B.

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