Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Dick B.'s top three blogsites available on blogger have over 130,000 views. And that's what they are for.

We are delighted to report to our readers that the following three Dick B. blogsites on Blogger have over 130,000 views.

The Real Power Behind Alcoholics Anonymous:

International Christian Recovery Coalition See Blogger

Alcoholics Anonymous History. See Blogger

This valuable A.A. History and Christian Recovery information is supplemented and expanded on MauiHistorian.WordPress Blog; Tumbler, In the Rooms, Facebook, Twitter, and AA history with Dick B. on cyber recovery social as well as other sites.

For further information, contact Dick B. 808 874 4876,,

Dick and his son Ken have now published 46 titles and over 1450 articles on the foregoing subjects

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