Thursday, April 04, 2013

A Thank You Letter to William Bagley 28 for His Frequent Blog Posts on Christian Alcoholic Recovery Topics

New comment on williambagley28 Christian Recovered Alcoholic.


[William Bagley has been posting and posting and posting more than several times a day articles he has fashioned, or which were written by Dick B., or which contain Big Book and other Quotes relevant to early  A.A. reliance for help on God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible. Dick B.]


Here is a comment just sent to William


Fonda Savery commented on About.

in response to williambagley28:


I’m a Christian Alcoholic I share the true origins of Alcoholics Anonymous That the Founders of  AA Where using the Bible and the true Power of Jesus Christ to Become Recovered Alcoholics and Document it. Christ is my Higher power, The original “Big Book”–i.e., the first edition of Alcoholics Anonymous published on April 10, 1939–was 410 [...]

I was able to find good advice from your blog articles.

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