Friday, February 25, 2011

Why Give Away Free 350 Cases of New Dick B. Books

Dick B. A.A. History
We Are Giving Away 350 Cases of New Books By Dick B.!
(* $30.00 for Shipping and Handling)

Here's Why

Since we decided to make available 350 cases of my new A.A. history books (1 title in each case; often about 44 books per case), one long-time A.A. friend and 12-Stepper ordered 30 cases right away. Two AAs in NY each ordered nine (9) cases—for a total of 18 cases. And many others have contacted us to order one-to-five cases.The cases of books are free. We mail them via U.S. Postal Service Media Mail to conserve expense. We ask for $30.00-per-case to cover the cost of Shipping and Handling to get the cases from our storage on Maui to the Post Office and then to you. U.S. Postal Service Media Mail usually takes from four-to-six weeks to get to most destinations on the mainland because it goes by boat rather than by air.

Recipients are free to do with the books as they wish.

Why are we doing this?

First, because the entire purpose of A.A. and 12-Step fellowships is to "pass it on." In the past, a number of benefactors have paid to have our books printed, and we have thousands still on hand in inventory in Maui. Now that we have moved most of our titles into Print-On-Demand and therefore no longer have to warehouse large quantities of books in Maui, we have decided it is time to make those books we still have in storage available in large quantities at virtually no cost. This means that recipients can study them, donate them, distribute them, and let others have them in these days when times are tough financially. This is a once-only situation because 29 of my titles are now in print-on-demand—including the nine (9) titles we have in inventory here in Maui—and we have no need for the inventory which others generously funded. The cases of books we have in storage in Maui are yours free. We are only asking $30.00 per case to cover Shipping and Handling.

Second, there are quite a few titles on hand that have been much in demand. For example, The Good Book and The Big Book: A.A.'s Roots in the Bible ( has been my most widely-read and sought-after book. Thousands have been printed, and sold or given away. Here is a list of the titles and number of cases of each we had on hand as of July 2009—and we have sold or given away some of those cases since then:

You will find instructions on that page as to exactly how to order one or more cases right now. The distribution is slow because we work with volunteers; and the books are in storage, so we have to go get them, re-tape the boxes for shipping, re-label them, affix postage, and transport them to the Post Office for shipping. (If you would like to read about each of the nine titles listed in the inventory above, please go here:

Third, there are more and more James Clubs, 12-Step groups, conferences, treatment folks, Christian recovery fellowships, churches, and individual 12-Steppers who want to bless others with free books; and that is what we hope to see.

The deadline for this offer is March 31, 2011—the end of the first calendar quarter in this year.
After that, these cases of books will be available only through purchase via my Web site:

May this effort bless those who choose to help others by distributing our rich and important history that has been researched, published, and disseminated for the last 20 years.God Bless,

Dick B.,
H/O: (808) 874-4876; or Ken B.'s cell: (808) 276-4945
www.ChristianRecoveryCoalition.comPO Box 837, Kihei, HI 96753-0837

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