Sunday, February 13, 2011

350 cases of Dick B. A.A. History books Free: More Details

We have made available to International Christian Recovery Coalition over 350 cases of A.A. history books (new) by Dick B. These are available until March 31. And they are free, with the exception that those who want the cases need only donate $30.00 per case - which will cover the cost of media mail for each case within the U.S. plus the cost of packing, transporting, and taking to the post office each case so ordered.

On this blogsite, we have already written details on the importance of this free distribution as one of several projects of the International Christian Recovery Coalition (

On this blogsite, we have also posted exact instructions on how to obtain the free cases; and we also welcome inquiries by email to and by phone to Ken B. 808 276 4945.

Now Dick B. and his son Ken B. have spent 20 years researching and publicizing the entire picture of A.A. history. They have published 42 titles and over 500 articles, as well as audio posts and comments on social forums. Dick has spoken at many conferences and seminars across the United States. But there is no substitute for an actual copy of these books--free. In fact, a case of these books-free. In fact, more than one case--free. The only expense is $30.00 per case for shipping and handling.

Many ask which of the many Dick B. history books are among the 350 cases available for free. And the following URL address on the International Christian Recovery Coalition website provides specific details on the book inventory available for you.

Check These are the last free, new books, that we have stored on Maui and that we are making available for those who want to read them, distribute them, use them in a fellowship or meeting or conference, of sell in order to fund your own outreach.

Please don't miss this special opportunity to help others with solid information - now available to you for free. This is not a discount sale. This is a free distribution enabling International Christian Recovery Coalition to spread the word

Again: Here are the free book inventory of available cases-- details:

Again: For those who want more details, we have sent out newsletters to those on our mailing list and will gladly email details to you if you contact Dick B. at

God Bless, Dick B.

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