Friday, February 25, 2011

A.A. Big Book First Edition to Have New Birth

Alcoholics Anonymous First Edition of 1939 about to be given a new birth.

Three different aspects--original printers' manuscript to be reviewed, reprint of A.A. 1939 First Edition with introduction that makes its purpose evident, and a work-in-progress sponsor guide by an oldtimer speaker.

Stay tuned for this fresh, forthcoming new opportunity to use the 1939 A.A. 12-Step program and its personal stories that give such a great view of how the A.A. program was applied then.

This new birth series will be coming soon from three different publication sources, and then accompanied by my articles and intros that pull the picture together - A.A. 1939 style.

There's the "old school" original Akron A.A. Christian Fellowship about which I have written so much.

Now there will be the 1939 A.A. Big Book approach which has been slashed to pieces by deleting almost all the personal stories, and also--despite what many say--changed!;;

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