Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Our Christian Recovery Resource Centers and Persons Can Do For You

From The Dick B. Handbook for Christian Recovery Resource Centers and Persons Worldwide

What You May Not Find or Hear When You Cry Out for Help
How Our Christian Resource Centers or Persons May Help

A Preliminary talk with a recovered Christian alcoholic, addict, or co-dependent, possibly an AA or NA who has overcome problems with the power and love of God and can share with you.

Where to go for professional, licensed Christian alcohol, drug, and codependency counseling, and what to read about it if you wish.

Whether immediate medical diagnosis, assistance, and detoxification are needed, and
where to find it – even in the Emergency Room.

How to locate and evaluate the possibility of an intervention by a skilled interventionist
who will use love first; not just break down the patient or family; but insure that a willing
alcoholic or addict, or family or friend will also seek God’s help and be able to find it.

Learn why the original A.A. Christian Fellowship program founded in Akron in 1935—and its predecessors in the YMCA, Salvation Army, Rescue Missions, Revivals, and
Young People’s Christian Endeavor Society—was so enormously successful through
reliance on the help of God.

Recognize that help can only begin if:

The alcoholic or addict believes he or she is licked, really wants help, and is willing to listen and cooperate to overcome all his or her problems.

The family, friends, relatives, employers, teachers, and others don’t think they
can—by themselves--“fix” or “force” or “persuade” the alcoholic or addict to seek help.

The afflicted alcoholic or addict concedes, through learning, that he or she is beyond his own help or the help of others, that he or she has a glimpse at how to find out if there is an uncontrolled alcohol and/or drug problem; wants to quit permanently, get well, end the misery, decide to act, determin to do whatever it takes, and discipline himself to stick with the effort.

The afflicted and the affected stop tolerating recidivism, relapse, and revolving
door treatment and go for the gold—complete recovery, hard-won, once and for all.

There is a glimpse at the idea that nothing changes if nothing changes—that the afflicted and affected need new friends (not former tempters or dealers); new
playgrounds (bars, or dark and slippery places); new ideas about their problems;
and new tools to use to overcome temptation, guilt, shame, fear, anger, dishonesty, and trouble.

In our opinion, believes or is willing to believe in and seek God; understands what it means to become a child of the one true living Creator—and how to become a
Christ and come to God in that way; understands the importance of appropriate
prayer; recognizes the need for Bible training; sees the necessity for keeping
company with healthy, convicted, loving fellow believers; and wants to have
fellowship with God, His Son Jesus Christ, and like-minded children of God.

Understands that “old school” (the original) A.A. program was astonishingly simple,
successful, and based on reliance on God, cleaning house, and then helping others.

Understands that “old school” A.A. is quite compatible with 12-Step programs today even for those who want God’s help because A.A. General Service Conference-approved
Literature (the Big Book, 12 Steps, and selected literature) talk about God, Jesus Christ,
the Bible, prayer, healing, religious growth, and church. They also now condone people
with other beliefs, no beliefs, or outright rejection of God. No matter! The support of A.A. is a treasure without price if one knows the pitfalls.

Understands that there is idolatry, secularism, an array of “nonsense gods,” a good deal
of Christian bashing, religion bashing, church bashing, and A.A. bashing today that is
perhaps more compelling toward leaving A.A. and returning to the hog wallow again.

Understands that a comprehensive Christian recovery today may require committed
utilization of all the following items – many just mentioned.

Qualifying the alcoholic and addict as conceding his helplessness, understanding that
Determined and disciplined effort are needed to overcome it, and insisting that all
The former temptations, dangerous habits, and the like must be dumped!

Medical assistance or detoxification

Perhaps competent Christian intervention and referral

Early insistence on belief in God and accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Early introduction to the Christian origins, history, founding, original program, successes, and changes in the recovery movement and 12-Step groups.

Perhaps competent licensed or lawful Christian counseling.

Perhaps competent Christian pastoral counseling.

Perhaps competent Christian chaplaincy at institutions where the patient may be.

Continued medical monitoring.

Effective Christian residential or outpatient treatment.

Concurring Christian treatment for family, children, codependents

Participation at A.A. or 12-Step programs and meetings and cooperation there.

Participation in Christian Recovery Fellowships – now proliferating around the world.

Bible instruction and study
Prayer instruction and meetings

Individual Quiet Times – Prayer, Bible, Devotionals, Seeking guidance, Sharing

Competent Big Book and 12-Step instruction for those pursuing 12-Step as well.

Christian Aftercare

Supervised Christian sober living

Church or Bible Fellowship

Unselfish, unremunerated, vigorous work with unrecovered alcoholics, addicts, and codependents. This is the missing link today. Call them 12-Step calls. Call them Sponsors. Call them Disciplers. Call them Twelfth-steppers. Call them compassionate recovered drunks or druggies. They need to help others. They can help others. And they are missing a major ingredient of the original recovery movement ideas.

Assistance in obtaining assistance in the community – for veterans, elderly, children, mentally impaired, disabled, indigent, homeless, abandoned, incarcerated, needing
Financial counseling and relief, facing legal and criminal proceedings, divorce and
Child custody matters, marital and family counseling, psychiatric help.

A plan for new dedication to serving and glorifying God and His Son Jesus Christ;
turning to the Bible and God’s revelation for details on salvation, healing, forgiveness, guidance, comfort and consolation, peace and love, the principles and teachings of
Jesus Christ, and the results described in the Book of Acts regarding early Christianity.

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