Monday, February 21, 2011

Headline: Illinois cuts drug treatment to save and My reply

Treatment is not the only answer to alcoholism and drug addiction. It can be an adjunct. Folks are slipping away from the lessons and solutions learned by the early A.A. fellowship founded in 1935. And AAs themselves are slipping away from the spiritual origins. The result is to rely on scholars, scientists, professionals who are moving away from reliance on God and toward the human solution which failed to bring about the healing of alcoholics and led to the spiritual solution that desperate "medically incurable" worst-of--the-worst cases sought and developed. As long as there is government money to throw at a problem like alcoholism, there will be sixty folks trying to make money work. Today, it is unpopular to hear people talk about the help available from God and a fellowship like A.A. But I sought both and any other help I could afford. Almost 25 years later--of continuous sobriety--I would never mourn the loss of treatment. I'd worry about the loss of God and A.A.

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