Sunday, March 09, 2014

What About the Damage Caused to Others By Alcoholism and Drug Abuse?

What about the individuals and others damaged by alcoholism and drug abuse!

Dick B.

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This is a comment about an excellent topic being presented on Last Call – the broadcaster asking for responses.

“I am very glad you are dealing with this subject which. In many ways, is one of the greatest problems in society today is the damage that alcoholism and drug abuse visit upon families, employers, courts, prisons, doctors, churches, hospitals, social agencies, and on and on.

In my own view, the answer -- thought difficult to explain to others -- is turning to God for help and then turning to others you can help. The typical damaged unit just can't quite understand that they didn't cause the problem, can't control it, and can't cure it.

And the afflicted won't quit until they want to.

But peace, power, and healing don't come from bankruptcy courts, meetings, custody battles, visits to prison, sponsors, speakers, or beseeching the drunk to change. In fact, one damaged wife in my home group used to post a sign on the bathroom mirror: “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” Fine! But the drunk must decide that for himself.

 It can happen when the aggrieved member realizes that he or she also have a problem and that they can seek God for relief. And, miracle of miracles, they can pray to God to help lift them and their loved ones and society out of the mire. See James 4:10.

 God Bless, Dick B.


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