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Stick with the Winners!: The Early Cleveland A.A. Groups Recorded a 93% Success Rat e

Stick with the Winners! – Who Were They

The Cleveland A.A. Groups Were Winners With a 93% Documented Success Rate

by Dick B., Copyright  2014. All rights reserved.

In DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers, Clarence H. Snyder, who was a sponsee of Dr. Bob’s and who got sober in February, 1938, was quoted in connection with the A.A. group he founded Cleveland A.A. in June, 1939.

The A.A. Conference-approved book quotes Clarence H. Snyder as follows:

“They take it so casually today. I think a little discipline is necessary. I think A.A. was more effective in those days.

Records in Cleveland show that 93% of those who came to us never had a drink again. When I discovered that people had slips in A.A., it really shook me up.

            Today, it’s all watered down so much. Anyone can wander in now.” Page 261.

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