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Atheism, Agnosticism, Humanism - A Substitute for the power of God upon which drunks and addicts are now to rely?

Cheer up - Those of you who believe God to be the answer to life's problems, including alcoholism!

The woods are full today of academics, historians, movie  producers, on stage performers, doctors, and disgruntled alcoholics and addicts who choose to lambaste A.A., denigrate the power of God, and mischaracterize "religion," "spirituality," and "higher powers."

The new theme in general is that A.A. has outlived its days. Replacing it, they say, will involve dumping God, eliminating Twelve Steps, and looking for a treatment program that's paid for by government or mandated by a court or funded by insurance.

This is just a brief reminder that those of you like myself who went to the bottom of the well with their alcohol and drugs needed something more than a professor to tell us that there was a better way.
Alcoholics Anonymous began as a Christian Fellowship in Akron in 1935. It had no Twelve Steps, no Twelve Traditions, no Big Books, no war stories, and no meetings like those we see today.

Early AAs believed the answers to the problem were in the Bible. They called it the "Good Book." And they believed what it told them about the power and love of the Creator.

The early thesis was that drunks understand drunks. They've been there, done that, failed in the extreme, and been victorious by turning first to God for help, and then turning to other drunks to help.

Those who get excited over "any god," "not-god," "no god," "spirituality," and light bulbs that are "higher powers" will march along their path. But they may find themselves in the same fix as those Israelites who wandered in the wilderness making mute statues, golden calves, and phony deities.

Join the group which believes that "With God, nothing is impossible." That statement comes from the Bible. It has nothing to do with 12 Steps, A.A., pharmaceuticals, methadone, treatment programs, or  counseling. It has to do with believing. Perhaps the simplest explanation of the solution is found in Hebrews 11:6.

Give God a try. He helped me. And I believe He can help you.

Dick B., Author, Historian, Retired attorney, Bible student.

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