Friday, March 07, 2014

Good Book Big Book Step Study Meeting in Rhode Island

    The Good Book and Big Book Step/Study Meeting.



Welcome to the Friday night “That Power, which is GOD,” 12 Step Christian Fellowship meeting.  My name is _____________ and I am a_______________, and your trusted servant for tonight’s meeting.


Assigned Person reads:     God we invite you into this room     Thank you


After a moment of silence, we will recite the entire Serenity Prayer.  (Pass out Serenity Prayer).


The Purpose of this meeting is to help compulsive eaters, to achieve a Recovered state of mind and body, by studying, discussing and practicing the Twelve Steps as they are laid out in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.   In this group, we will also study the Good Book, the Bible from where all healing and deliverance abounds, through God, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


We will ask the Holy Spirit for Guidance and Direction for each of us and for the group as a whole, so we may live a life pleasing to God. We ask God to Bless us with a Vital Spiritual Experience that will bring Permanent Recovery from our addiction. We ask God to give us boldness to pass the True Message on, so others may walk in Freedom. The True Message is, “That Power IS God.”


This is the original old-school method as practiced by the pioneers of AA, before there was an organized meeting, the big book or the 12 steps. The pioneers were guided by, studied and Recovered with the Bible, we shall do likewise.


We warmly welcome those with other addictions to feel at home with us and to share their recovery as well. All can share at this meeting; however it is to be limited to actual experience and Truth from the Bible, not opinions. We are to focus our share on what is being read.


This is a one-hour meeting from 7 to 8 pm. There is to be only one person speaking at a time, with no side conversations, out of respect for the person speaking. Please hold questions till after the meeting.  Sharing ends at 7:55pm.  We will close with a short reading and the Lord’s Prayer.


Living the 12 step principles, having daily commune with God through praying, reading the Bible, sponsoring and being of service to others, is how we stay in Fit Spiritual condition; and is the means of permanent recovery. (Permanent Recovery is found on page XVII Roman Numeral 17 of the Big Book.)


Tonight we will read and study Step ______, starting on page _____, ______paragraph.  The principle for Step ______ is: ____________.


 Closing: It is now 7:55pm: Anyone who has not introduced themselves, please do so at this time.


Assigned person read:  page _______ from “His Princess”



8:00pm   We will now close this meeting with the Lord’s Prayer:




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