Thursday, March 27, 2014

Looking Ahead to April by Dick B. on Maui -- AA History

A Look Ahead to April 2014 by Dick B. on Maui


By Dick B.

© 2014 Anonymous. All rights reserved


·         The special offer of $249.00, with FREE Shipping within the United States, for “The Dick B. A.A. History Reference Set”—now 31 volumes(!)--will be held open until our forthcoming video series and accompanying guidebook are released. The retail cost of the individual books in the Reference Set is about $750.00.


·         Plans to include webinar productions for individuals, suggestions, and classes are about to come to fruition.


·         The front page of our main website,, has been given a new face.

A new summary of A.A. history is the key feature.


·         Writing and editing of the scripts for our forthcoming video series titled “Bill W., Dr. Bob, and the Cure of Alcoholism: The Rest of the Story,” and of the accompanying guidebook, are close to completion. We have already had our initial meeting with the videographer who will be doing the videotaping of the series.


·         If you would like to be interviewed on the “Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B.” show (, or would like to learn more about a particular aspect of A.A. history or the progress of the growing Christian Recovery Movement, please let us know: (a) Dick B.’s H/O tel.: 1-808-874-4876; (b) Dick B.’s email:; or (c) Ken B.’s cell phone: 1-808-276-4945.


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