Thursday, February 28, 2013

The big saving in Dick B.'s Offer of a Complete Reference Set for $249.

We have had some good responses, but some are saying they can't afford $249 which gives them a 32 volume reference set  on A.A. history and Christian recovery right now.

But just look at the list price of 8 or 10 of Dick B.'s books; and you will realize that the price of the  32 volume set right now is less than that involved in buying a much smaller number of books.

Why? Because we now have all of our books in print-on-demand, and a few in electronic form. So we don't have to ship them to and fro from printer to Maui. We don't have to store them at  great  expense in Maui. And we don't have the delay and expense of taking them out of storage and shipping them to the buyer.

Don't miss this opportunity: $249. with free shipping in the USA.

Have  your own storehouse of factual A.A. history. Read the parts you like at your own pace, or read them with those who ask questions you didn't know how to answer accurately.

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