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Responding Recovery Announces New Orange County Calif Outreach for 2013

Rev. Jerry Liversage and his Responding Recovery Ministry  has been conducted a powerful recovery outreach in Orange County, California. He does food ministry. He reaches Motel people. He conducts TV panels and teachings. And he works with Dr. Manley--renowned Bible teacher. Jerry has been working to enable certification of Christian recovery counselors. And he is a participant in International Christian Recovery Coalition His is an example of  the wide variety of effective ministries participating in the informal fellowship efforts of our Coalition. And here is his newsletter about the work:

Welcome to the first

issue of The Invitation

Newsletter for

2013. This newsletter

will be longer

than usual due to information

that we

need to share with all

our partners in ministry.

We would appreciate

your time in

reading completely

through this publication.

Since the inception

of this ministry

in 2003, it has been

our posture to

“respond” to what

God is doing in our

midst. Over the past

10 years we have

watched how the

Spirit of God has increased

this preaching

ministry to include

published Bible

based workbook and

DVD material, weekly

recovery Bible study

groups in various areas

of America, Television

ministry, Motel

ministries and major

food distributions in

the greater Orange

County area that

equated to over 27

tons of food in 2012.

As God continues to

lead in 2013, we have

sensed an increased

vision which has

prompted us to meet

with the Church of

the Nazarene in

which Jerry Liversage

holds his credentials

as a Commissioned

Evangelist. In

2011, Jerry met with

the Anaheim District

of the Church of the

Nazarene for the

purpose of their approval

to further operate

as an expanded

“non-Nazarene work.”

Jerry outlined a proposal

and submitted

it to the Anaheim

District Advisory

Board and received

their approval in August

2011. Since that

time, we have continued

to wait on God

for His timing and

now feel as though

this year holds another

marked year

for a step of faith

towards the vision

which was submitted

in 2011. As a result,

we felt it imperative

to reveal the approved

letter to all

those who prayerfully

and financially support

this ministry. As

you review this simple

proposal on the

following pages,

please continue to

pray as we desire to

stay in a posture of

responding. We thank

you for your past

prayer and financial

support through the

years. We also anticipate

your future

partnership with us

as we take steps of

faith as God opens

doors in 2013.

New Year/Expanded Vision

The Invitation Newsletter

Romans 10:14-15

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Responding Recovery Ministries-an outreach of Jerry Liversage Ministries,Inc.



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additional info






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Anaheim District Advisory Board

August 17, 2011

A motion was made and seconded to give Jerry Liversage permission to operate a nondenominational

ministry and keep his ministerial status as a Nazarene Evangelist.

Motion carried unanimously.

“Go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyone

you find.”


an outreach of Jerry Liversage Ministries

We thank you for your financial

support. We know you have other

ministries in which you give. Please

know that you are assisting this

ministry distribute the powerful

message of Jesus which is changing

lives on the streets in which we

live. May God extend His Blessings

to you and your family.

Please pray for this ministry and as you do,

pray for:

2013 Responding Recovery Center/Vision

The preaching ministry in various churches/venues

Responding Recovery National meeting locations

Responding Recovery Television

Jerry’s personal update

On a personal level, we feel as though God has given

favor in a few areas that will give us an overall continued

platform to exalt Jesus as our only hope in this

life and the life to come. In 2013, I was re-elected to

serve as one of three co-chairs to the organization

called “The Collaboration to assist Motel Families” of

Orange County. This Collaboration of approx. 85 various

organizations, exists to help meet the needs of

motel families in Anaheim and surrounding cities by

providing services and tools necessary for families to

achieve self-sufficiency. We believe this is an opportunity

to minister the Love and Gospel of Jesus.

Also, as I continue to complete my Masters Degree in

Biblical counseling, I have completed two distinct certifications

in the process which again gives platform

to exalt Biblical recovery to the arena in which we

minister. The first certification is called a “CDAAC”

which is a Certified Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Counselor and the second is called a “RAS” which is a

Registered Addiction Specialist. Because this profession

continues to require more educational expertise

due to a growing epidemic, I believe God has

opened the door to pursue this added educational exposure,

to include scholarships that were awarded to

me in 2012, from the College which I attend.

In addition, our relationship with Dr. Stephen Manley

of Cross Style Global Ministries based in Tennessee

continues to expand. Dr. Manley has an extensive recovery

ministry lead by David and Tina Kornguth

which has grown into a recovery facility, over 20 recovery

homes, and an extensive jail ministry in two

counties of Tennessee. Our Responding Recovery

Workbook and DVD teaching series is used in all of

their outreach endeavors. In 2013, I will be meeting

with Dr. Manely and their leadership in a further discussion

of partnership that would include a linkage of

Live Streaming, and Skype. Dr Manley has been a

large part of this ministry since the beginning of my

conversion to Jesus Christ in 1989. As this linkage

continues, we desire to be available to whatever God

so leads. Thank you for taking the time to read this

important publication of The Invitation Newsletter.

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