Monday, February 25, 2013

An Invitation to Learn, Serve, and Bless While in Hawaii

Many don't realize how welcome their visit to Maui would be to us in our efforts to teach, disseminate, research, and learn more about the Christian Recovery Movement in action and the History of Alcoholics Anonymous as a factual part of recovery.

Today, we received word that a welcome recovery outreach participant from Alaska is visiting on the Big Island with wife and child.  He will be coming to visit us on Maui to chat about the whole Alcoholics Anonymous History movement we support; about how to start  with sober living houses; about how to work up James Club recovery groups; and tell us about his outreach in far away Alaska.

We have received similar visits and requests from Hawaii residents who live or visit on the Big Island (Island of Hawaii), Kauai (the Garden Isle), Oahu (the Gathering Place), and Maui itself. They will come to hear from  us and see our A.A. history and Christian recovery resoures and "talk story."

This is an effective way we cann apprise other leaders of what "old school" A.A. is doing, can do, and will add to the effectiveness of 12 Step recovery work--in A.A., N.A., Christian recovery fellowships, treatment programs, and Christian counseling.

Call us if you'd like to visit--either by coming directly to Maui or hopping from another Island while  you soak in the beauty of the Islands.

God Bless, Dick B. and Ken B.  808 874 4876; dickb@dickn.vom

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