Sunday, February 03, 2013

Bill W. and Dr. Bob: The Green Mountain Men of Vermont

Dick B. and Ken B. will be introducing our forthcoming book, Bill W. and Dr. Bob The Green Mountain Men of Vermont: The Roots of Early A.A.'s Original Program.

You can see the printer's draft spiral bound at these locations on our forthcoming mainland trip if you contact us while on the trip (808 276 4945) or: (1) Attend the leaders invitational luncheon at Calvary Church, Los Gatos, California on Tuesday, Feb 5; (2) The meeting at Cornerstone Fellowship Church at   6:00 PM, Livermore, California Wednesday Feb 6. (3) Any of the three workshops we are holding in Miami, Florida at Conference on Saturday, Feb 8 in afternoon.

This will be the first accurate rendition of the boyhood upbringing and friendships of Bill W., Dr. Bob, Ebby Thacher, Rowland Hazard, Cebra Graves, F. Shepard Cornell, Bertha Bamford, Lois Burnham (Wilson), Rogers Burnham, Mark Whalon, as well as the Wilson, Griffith, Thacher, Graves, Hazard, Cornell, Perkins, Bamford, Smith, Fairbanks, and Burnham families

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