Monday, February 25, 2013

Continuing Series: Supporting Old School AA in Present-day AA

Fellowship Ideas; Confirming their Propriety by A.A.’s Own Conference-Approved Literature; and Pointing to Bill W.’s “New Version of the Program” as it stood before the Great Compromise

1.         Taking a good look at what “Old-School” A.A. means:

a.         First Century Christianity (applied in Acts 1-6)

b.         What First Century Christianity is     

i.          Jesus  and the Book of Acts  

1.         Jesus [daily; It is written];

2.         The Book of Acts [Daily fellowship; meeting in home or temple; praying together; hearing the word of God together; breaking bread together; witnessing; converting; healing; and evidencing that the church of God grows daily]

c.         Results from Scriptures:

i.          Salvation—required acceptance of Jesus as Lord Rom 10:9;

ii.         Holy Spirit was received and sealed within

iii.        Power as part of the package;

iv.        Obeying and following what Jesus did [John 14:12];

v.         In Acts, doing what Jesus did:

1.         Healing the sick

2.         Raising the dead

3.         Healing the lame (Acts 3-4)

4.         Casting out evil spirits

d.         Christian organizations and individuals reproducing First Century Christianity from the mid-1800’s onward

i.          Congregationalism;

ii.         The Young Men’s Christian Association;

iii.        Evangelists;

iv.        The Salvation army

v.         Rescue missions

vi.        The Young People’s Society of  Christian Endeavor

vii.       “A First Century Christian Fellowship” (aka “the Oxford Group”)

viii.      Rev. Sam Shoemaker

ix.        The Akron “Christian fellowship”;

x.         The Rockefeller observations—“Why this is First Century

Christianity at work. What can we do to help!”

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