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on 1/30/12
I am so grateful to Dick B. About 6 months into my recovery, I came across his website and my questions were answered. I knew that as a born again believer, there had to be more to this "higher power" stuff, which completely baffled me. So, I began to read and read and order his books and studied the history of AA. Today, I have a little over three (3) years and am still an active AA member and continue to be a productive member of society. Not one who continues to sit in the rooms and hope to stay sober. Sandy on A.A. "Conference-approved literature" Myths and Motivations
on 1/29/12
(B-20) Experience, Strength and Hope which contains the 56 stories dropped from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd editions of the Big Book. These stories, which were unavailable for a time, are now together in this volume on Personal Stories Removed from Big Book Editions Now Published by A.A. Itself
on 1/20/12
on 10/7/11
Nice man. Extremely informative post. I'll be sure to pass this along to my friends. Audi RS6 Turbocharger on There was only the Bible in early A.A.
on 8/23/11
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on 8/19/11
It's amazing post, Computer Application Thank you so much. on Dick B. books now widely available on eBook sites
on 8/7/11
Wow, exactly what I have been searching for and you came up on the first page of google so you must be doing something right!!@bose Cv on Richard Gordon Burns, JD, CDAAC, Curriculum Vitae
on 6/10/11
Great post Dick. Thanks for sharing. New to the recovery blogosphere but so glad I found your posts. I'll keep reading. on 7th Dick B. YouTube Program - The Salvation Army
on 6/9/11
We had this same "group conscience" discussion in my home group several years ago because one of the members said that she'd been contacted by a fellow member who was Jewish. The Jewish member said that she was offended and moreover, didn't feel welcome in A. A. because we persisted in reciting the Lord's Prayer, a Christian and therefore, exclusionary prayer at the ends of meetings. After much discussion and many hurt feelings I suggested that the offended Jewish member avail herself of some badly needed remedial education regarding the history and the development of our fellowship, paying particular attention to the literature we used as a text during that period between1 935, when the program was founded and 1939, when the Book of Alcoholics Anonymous was published. on The "Lord's Prayer" and A.A. Votes on it
on 5/21/11
Thanks for the promo, Dick. Focused and Free features several articles that you have written in the past. All of them can be accessed in the LOOKING BACK section under RESOURCES at on Focused and Free Article: Dr. Bob and The Sermon on the Mount
on 5/6/11
Everything you've brought to the table is just what we need to be eating up. Thank you. I personally think that bringing the points and principles to us as a positive statements and views and not to refute or rebut other views is a more palatable approach, but bitter greens are good for the body, so I take them regularly. I love that the Lord has moved you and you listen and do His will. Call on me for any support at any time. T on Dr. Bob’s Wife Anne Smith, Early AAs, and the Holy Spirit
on 5/2/11
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on 4/27/11
There is no doubt in my mind that God & the spiritual principles in AA-NA are co-inspired. on Calling recovery leaders and groups to stand up for God
on 4/14/11
Just what i was looking for, will post more as time permits. on Calling recovery leaders and groups to stand up for God
on 4/14/11
AMEN!!! The bible tells us that "my people PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE"..... and that "There is a way that seems right to a man, but whose ending is death"! Hmmmm...I'm also reminded that the "fear of the Lord IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM". Call me crazy, but I'd rather tap into the love and widsom of the Creator who "knew you while he was laying the foundations of the world" instead of a GE toaster for my sobriety! Ditto the buddah, the moon, the earth or a radish. :) Idolatry is an abomination to the Lord....people need to understand that there is only ONE CREATOR who CREATES, and the bible warns against "worshipping the created and not the CREATOR". I'll stick with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for my life-walk!! :) on A.A., a Weird Higher Power, and Departure from the Creator
on 3/25/11
Every time someone of notoriety who has short-term sobriety and is more than willing to stand in front of camera [ even with good intentions ] and shares "How they see it" relapse usually follows. There is a reason why we need to maintain anonymity at the level of press,radio,and films. For the individual it can be literally lifesaving. For AA it can prevent needless prejudice from the world because of something someone said. The biblical principle at work here is that "pride comes before the fall." on A.A., Charlie Sheen, and David Arquette
on 3/10/11
It has always upset me when 'the Old Timers' who know how AA started are not heeded. The Good Book was used long before the Big Book existed. I forever am grateful to #11 Homebrewmeister for his spiritual program retreats. May he (Clarence S) and Grace rest in peace. God bless, Dick B on Four, fair-minded A.A. history workers who helped me
on 2/17/11
Thank you so much for your insight and willingness to share on line. Michael Bynum on A.A.-Step 10: Teachings of Dr. Bob's Wife Anne Smith
on 10/15/10
Thank you for this writing. It bothers me greatly that the Source of our power is being written out of the program which God led me to in the first place. Sad. There are those that will say "12 Steps to Recovery"...and that may be true as a result of God's help however, take Him out and what? Dick, should we really be surprised? He is being taken out of everywhere. Thank you for your work and commitment. God Bless you always and in all ways. on A.A.Recovery: Twelve Steps to What!
on 10/11/10
We will be back in Maui in three days. We will have done 17 meetings in three weeks. And we will be happy with this conclusion about Alcoholics Anonymous; about the role that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible have played in recovery before, at, and after the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous, and can play today among those who want God's help and seek it. We have seen lots of A.A. Friendly, Bible Friendly, History Friendly individuals, groups, fellowships, leaders, drunks, addicts, and church leaders. See "Introductory Foundations for Christian Recovery" Class. See International Christian Recovery Coalition site; See Contact me anytime at Courteous messages are always answered. God Bless, Dick B. on California Recovery Meetings with Dick
on 9/30/10
What we see emerging regarding Alcoholics Anonymous and what we call "A.A. Friendly, Bible Friendly, History Friendly" 12 Step Fellowships, A.A. and N.A. Fellowships, Christ-centered programs, Christian recovery groups, church sponosred recovery outreach, study groups, counselor training, Christian treatment programs, and Christian recovery leaders and volunteers and servants 1. Speakers on the A.A. roots, Big Book program, early A.A. techniques and successes, applying Old school A.A. in recovery today. These men and women are being invited to speak to A.A. groups, churches, Christian recovery fellowships, and recovery organizaions. 2. Leaders of study groups in 12 Step Fellowships, Christian recovery fellowships. churches, and treatment facilities. 3. Coordination and communication among the foregoing groups--lots of which began at our large First Nationwide Christian Recovery Leaders Conference at Mariner's Church in Irvine, California. 4. Enthusiasm for the coalition on California Recovery Meetings with
on 9/30/10
Catalyzed by the leadership of long-time A.A. and Christian businessman Dale M. at Church of the Nazarene in Oroville, here's what's happening: First- it's A.A. Friendly, Bible Friendly, History Friendly. Second, it's accompanied by A.A. meetings, Bible studies, Step studies, men's and women's groups, church services, outreach to rescue missions, incarcerated people, drug court "clients," treatment programs, and similar programs developing in San Diego, Costa Mesa, San Jose, Livermore, Auburn, and Brentwood where we are speaking. Stay tuned to report on my Facebook, Twitter, and main website on California Recovery Meetings with Dick
on 9/30/10
Serenity Group - Church of the Nazarene - Wednesday meeting. Large audience; meeting with recovery leadership and volunteers; music; choir; birthday chips; food for all. Topic by Dick B. and Ken B. Participating in Alcoholics Anonymous as a believing Christian. 1. Three programs over the years of A.A. - all compatible with present-day A.A. as laid out in the latest edition of the Big Book: a) The original Akron program founded in 1935 and led by Dr. Bob; summarized on page 131 of DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers; discussed by Dr. Bob in his last major address to AAs in 1945 and published in AAGS Conference-approved Pamphlet P-53; 14 practices of the pioneers found in The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide, 3rd ed., 2010; and which, by November, 1937 had produced a documented 75% succes rate among seemingly hopeless, medically incurable, last gasp real alcoholics who went to any lenghs and really tried to get well. b) The Big Book program with the 12 Steps published in the Spring of on California Recovery Meetings with Dick
on 9/30/10
Dick... Good points. So often we hear alcoholics (and other addicts) express at meetings "I don't want to go back out... I will probably die". While this is true, it is incomplete and short-sighted. To me it speaks clearly from the selfish nature of the alcoholic. The alcoholic is only one of a great number of people who may suffer and die if the alcoholic remains active or goes back out. In fact, if the alcoholic dies and alcohol-related death, chances are he is getting off the lightest. His family and sociciety will probably be left with pain and a mess to clean up that will last far longer. One sober and recovering alcoholic or addict has a huge effect on our society. Damage control if nothing else. Glad to hear our local candidate has a meaningful awareness of this. Ciao. Chaz on Alcohol/addiction harm to others: The case for candidate John Willoughby
on 9/20/10
I heard this in a sermon at my church, the Christian foundation to A.A, and you know what? It is the reason why I have formed a suicide outreach program based on a 12 step challenge list centered around the word of God. It works, God's help is available, you just have to want and need it that bad. on "alcoholics anonymous" christ: A.A. Christian roots
on 9/2/10
Thanks for the another timely post in this blog about this post topic. The blog comments is full of information. Thanks for sharing a informative blog. Keep blogging. eternal on A.A. - Belief in God - Shoemaker's Experiment of Faith
on 8/10/10
Alcoholism treatment to addicts of the said substance is imperative...These people should be educated more or less of the effects of the substance before it gets worse. on A.A. History: “Old School A.A.” Applied to 12 Step Recovery Today
on 5/18/10
Hi Dick... The early AA's frankly seemed a little more beaten and desperate on average than the typical cross section of members in the rooms of AA that I experience. I notice that there was reference to the early members having admitted they tried all human power including through medicine and religion before they were ready for AA. I wonder, did the early fellowships turn away people who had not yet exhausted all other possibilities? If there was a 75% success rate in early AA, perhaps setting a threshold of desparation was a big factor. Thoughts? on A.A.–Christian Recovery Program Observations
on 5/1/10
I have gone through your site information and it is the same opportunity that I was looking for. The facilities, the process that what you are offering are perfectly matched to my Expectation & very soon you will get Response from my side. MBA Distance Learning on A.A. Study Groups
on 4/25/10 might be a good model to study from. on AA-Big Book-Bible Study Groups for Learners/Teachers
on 4/21/10
This comment has been removed by the author. on Introductory Foundations for Christian Recovery
on 4/15/10
I think these people needs the alcoholism treatment that they deserve in order to improve their way of living and have the sobriety they need to set them free from this substance. on Introductory Foundations for Christian Recovery
on 4/15/10
I am certain there is a value to knowing the history and origins of the steps. Yet we may never know all of what happened and how they were formed. We can simply assemble available information and make our most wise and reasonable assumptions about the rest. Some conspiracy-theorists and argument-hobbyists are bent on proving the steps were of some diabolical origin. Frankly, my experiences with such theorists and there perpetual assault on the steps and AA comes across as though they are seeking significance for themselves. Modern day witch and heretic hunters who are in fact so weak in their own faith that they cannot stand the fact that others can enjoy God's blessings in ways that they do not relate to or understand. Not saying for a moment that that is what they truly are... in fact, who knows. Just saying how they come across in my experience. By some, I have been accused of believeing "AA is your God". Based solely on the fact that I am a member. This from someone on The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous—Who Wrote Them?
on 4/5/10
Available now as a new and very special guidebook: The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide, 2d ed., 2009; and shortly the Third Edition -- a revision-- will be published and available in February, 2010. Dick B. on Twelve Step History Study
on 2/15/10
Two new guidebooks are now available to help people in recovery study the early A.A. history and spiritual roots. The first is By the Power of God ( And the second is The Good Book-Big Book Guide Book ( the comprehensive history title, see Turning Point ( on Twelve Step History Study
on 8/17/08
Taking Note of September 2008 as National Recovery Monthand How We Shall Celebrate It a New WayBy Dick B.• September 2008 is National Recovery Month. Governments, treatment facilities, therapists, and non-profits are asked to post proclamations and conduct media presentations.• In Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, we have a different suggestion. This September of 2008, we shall focus on the life of A.A. cofounder Dr. Bob. Focus on how he approached sick newcomers who came to earliest A.A. Focus on how Dr. Bob led newcomers to cure by the power of God and to their well-documented, 75% recovery rate. And to the astonishing results of the early, pioneer, “old school,” spiritual recovery program. In short, instead of a focus on recovery, let there be focus on a new way of celebrating recovery this September of 2008. Let the emphasis be on the original recovery premise: “Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path.” This success is neither denominational nor religious. It is on Dr. Bob and Alcoholics Anonymous
on 8/17/08
The Conversion of Bill W. ( is a companion book to Dr. Bob of Alcoholics Anonymous ( Together the two titles show the importance of the religious training in the Bible, conversion, prayer, seeking God's help, and love and service that the two Green Mountain Academy Boys who founded A.A. learned in their native, boyhood state of Vermont. on Dr. Bob and Alcoholics Anonymous

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