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Dick B.-Ken B. Meetings-Conferences March thru June

International Christian Recovery Coalition

The Blooming, Booming Responses and Expanded Plans of the Christian Recovery Movement

Dick B., Executive Director

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Just since our visits in Southern California in January of this year, we have had an increasing volume of messages from those wanting to participate in our planned meetings this Spring. So the following is the way things are going and being planned as of February 29th.

The Basic Approach is Announced in the Following New Guidebook Title

How to Conduct “Old School” 12-Step Recovery Meetings Using Conference-approved Literature: A Dick B. Guide for Christian Leaders and Workers in the Recovery Arena

By Dick B. and Ken B. (2012)

There is No “One Size Fits All” Plan

An A.A. or N.A. meeting listed with a local office may take a “Group Conscience” stand and establish a regular meeting founded on “Conference-approved” literature. A Christian recovery fellowship may choose to reach out to alcoholics, addicts, prescription drug abusers, and others with life-controlling problems. A Christian, Christian Track, or other treatment program—limited by expense and time constraints—may decide to prepare “graduates” for the long haul beyond the discharge date. Groups like Teen Challenge and Celebrate Recovery may recognize and plan for the “daily” or “24/7” or Christian fellowship after-care needed to keep Christian graduates in recovery mode, service to others, and spiritual growth loop. Detox programs, interventionists, counselors, after-care facilitators, alumni gatherings, and sober living managers may emphasize a variety of ways in which recovered “clients” or “students” can build on the strength of First Century Christian and Early Akron A.A. Christian Fellowship principles and practices.

A Program Content Which Each Servant Can Adopt, Adapt, and then Accept

The emphasis here is on fostering long-range deliverance, sustained fellowship and service, and effective and continued reliance on the power, love, forgiveness, guidance, healing, and will of God “in all our affairs.” Early Christian outreach extended first to the Jews. Then to the Gentiles. Then to all as members of the “body of Christ.” And then to the lost, the poor, the sick, the deaf and blind, and then to the very dead who were still being raised—just as Jesus had raised the dead.

The Present Plans for Implementing This “Old School,” First Century Christianity Success Story in the Forthcoming Hawaii and California Gatherings This Spring and Summer

And Here Is Where We Will be Listening, Assembling, Teaching and Facilitating With You

[Details Still Need Further Attention and Firming, But Will Show You the Plans]

For Maui, Hawaii:

County of Maui Salvation Army Partnership with our Coalition to learn the existing 24/7 program at the Lahaina OutPost, The Salvation Army, 131 Shaw Street, Lahaina, Hawaii, 96761 (Initial two-hour meeting at our Kihei Office, Friday, March 2 Noon-2:00 PM)

Speaking on the Second Step and A.A. roots at a regular A.A. “old school” meeting in Kihei, followed by old school A.A. planning thereafter, Saturday, March 3, (7:00 AM)

For Oahu, Hawaii

An evening meeting in Honolulu, Thursday, March 22 (6:00 PM) evaluating and

Initiating Christian Recovery Movement hands-on outreach to alcoholics and addicts

In three different Christian recovery effort: (1) The long-standing men’s outreach to

alcoholics and addicts led by an NA oriented Christian skilled men’s group leader. (2)

The plans of this leader’s pastor who is extending outreach in Oahu as well in China,

Japan, and the Pacific Rim (3) The current work of an Oregon-based faith-centered

Christian fellowship pastor in Germany and Europe. All three are looking for ways to

utilize First Century Christian practices, early A.A. old school fellowship technique, and

present 12-Step approaches with individuals needing direct help and structured practices

For Cornerstone Fellowship—Livermore Campus, Livermore, California

Workshop/Participation/Study Meeting, Thursday, March 29, evening

For Golden Hills Community Church, Brentwood, California

Workshop/Participation/ Study Meetings with Leaders (Friday, March 30, Afternoon and


For San Francisco Bay Area, California –

Dialogue with leaders of recently renamed CityTeam International and its ministry to the

“lost” in Nicaragua and West Africa (Either morning, March 29, or on March 31)

In Kihei, Maui, Hawaii – A meeting of several days with Rob W. from Utah (April 2-6) –

Planning and funding

Southern California: We will be in Orange County, California: Arrive on Sunday, May 13 and

depart on Monday, May 13. Quartered at the beginning and end at The Costa Mesa Marriott,

Hotel, and during the week at a private home in Orange County. The agenda includes the

following planned:

Individual meetings with:

Rev. Michael Liimatta, City Vision College, Kansas City, Missouri

                        Wally Lowe, Christian businessman, Vero Beach, Florida

                        Russell Spatz, Christian attorney and speaker, Miami, Florida

                        Robert Turner, M.D., Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC

                        Gary Martin, Mariners Church Planner “Old School” Meetings, Irvine, CA

                        Pastor Joe Furey and Roger McDiarmid, His Place Church, Westminster, CA

                        Rev. James Moody, Manna House Ministry, Jamestown, TN

                        Bob Noonan, Marriage and Family Counselor, Orange, CA

                        Danny Simmons, Sons of Thunder and Book Distribution, Costa Mesa, CA

                        Richard Skolnik, Recovery Historian and believer, Nesconset, New York

                        Other local and out of area visitors and speakers


Conference on Friday evening, May 18 and all day Saturday, May 19, at His Place Church, Westminster, California: focused on participation, panels, workshop, classes, programs, questions and answers

            [Orientation, Leader presentations, Panel and Q and A – Friday evening;

                        Main Conference – Saturday all day – Music, prayer, speaker, orientation, leader speakers, and panel with Q and A.]

           Working with individual and group Christian Recovery leaders with Guides, Films, Conference-approved literature, other resources on how best to utilize these resources to help suffering alcoholics and addicts rely on God for help today; learn the First Century Christianity practices in Acts of the Apostles; learn how early “old school” A.A. practiced these principles with such great success; and suggest how these foundations can be or are being used today hands-on.

The Actual Programs We Will Be Outlining, Discussing, Formatting, and Planning

·         A program of yours on on How to Train, Teach, Cooperate, and Disseminate Christian programs, conference information, and media—programs that will emphasize God’s power and Christian recovery efforts.

·         Sample suggested programs suitable for and tailored to each particular treatment approach and area

·         Training the Trainers

·         Distributing free literature through benefactors

·         Continuing dissemination by blogs, forums, newsletters. Films, radio, audio, conferences

Coming Shortly: Dates, Places, Times, Contacts, Programs, Subjects, and Resources

To produce effective results in the most compact way, we will welcome your phone calls and emails in advance; welcome any literature or suggestions you have; welcome your donations to help defray expenses; and welcome any particular approach you wish to take with your own program, practice, fellowship, and church.

Gloria Deo

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