Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jack asks: Does Dick B. write on more than 1 subject

To Jack who asks what I write about. I suggest he check, Barnes & Noble, the titles on my website - 43 of them (, the 850 articles I have written - published on dozens of sites and forums and blogs ( On digg, word press, on, on wryte stuff. Plenty options, Jack. Just plug into; and you will be busy for hours and hours and hours reading about Alcoholics Anonymous History, Alcoholics Anonymous, the Big Book, the Twelve Steps, alcoholism, addiction, recovery, Bill W., Dr. Bob, Bill D., Clarence Snyder, Grace Snyder, Anne Ripley Smith ( and on and on and alanon. God Bless. It's not about drill baby drill, it's about read baby read.

Plus dozens of articles about the Christian Recovery Movement, the changes in A.A., the role that God, His Son, and the Bible played in the origins, history, founding, original program, astonishing successes, and changes in 1939.;

Dick B.

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