Sunday, March 04, 2012

A Message to a Christian recovery leader and possible conference participant

The enclosed letter may be useful to those who wonder where they might fit in, offer, network, speak, and participate in the forthcoming Old School conferences and training workshops in Kihei, Honolulu, the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California

Dear Tuchy:

Before I write a more lengthy message of thanks and information, I hasten to speed to you this thank you for your gracious copy of the Little Red Book. It is a winner, and so are you.

I’m going to send  you information on our conferences in Oahu, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Southern California. And we hope you will attend one or more, particularly the events in Orange County May 14-21. We want to meet as many as possible personally and at length, and also to have them participate in the workshop format on May 18 and 19 at His Place Church in Westminster. There is a wide variety of participation in the growing International Christian Recovery Coalition. Some are counselors. Some are professors. Some are physicians. Some conduct treatment programs, residential treatment facilities, detox, intervention, after care, and sober living. Some are professional counselors. Some are simply ambassadors who distribute books free. Some are Christian Recovery Resource Centers handing out community information. Some are clergy. Some pastoral or recovery pastors. Some are with social agencies. Some in the Salvation Army. Some with large organizations like Alcoholics Victorious and Overcomers Outreach, Inc. and the Came to Believe Retreats. Some are conducting or starting up listed, conference-approved groups and meetings. Some have large Christian recovery fellowships. Some counselor training and certification. Some are A.A. and N.A. leaders and speakers. Some historians. Some archivists. Some garden variety successful recovered drunks and addicts who like history, like God, and like helping others.

If you can grace us with your being one of the sponsors of the conference, have a display table, share in what you are doing and want to do, and enable us to have at least one copy of several of your important books like Twice-Born Men, Life Changers, Twice Born Ministers, Children of the Second Birth, The Conversion of the Church, and When Man Listens, you will be opening eyes to books I have been talking and writing about for years, that many have never seen or read, that many don’t know are available (especially through your reprints now), and that many will want to use in their Old School Christian Recovery groups, meetings, programs, and outreach. You have much to offer and hopefully much to learn.

We would also appreciate your becoming one of the listed sponsors – as you are named, as your ministry is named, your books are named, your bio is presented, and your contact  information is available. A donation of $500 would be appreciated, and in any event we will publicize your sample books widely at the conferences – all of t hem, on our sites, blogs, and forums, and in our talks.

We would like very much to have on display several of your key books which are very important to our First Century Christianity Recovery at Work theme. And your Shoemaker items are particularly relevant since he often wrote about A First Century Christian Fellowship, not only as the Oxford Group, but as part of his work.

I hope to have my son Ken send you some materials and that he or I can talk with you by phone very soon.

Many thanks again.

God bless,

Dick B.

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