Saturday, November 02, 2013

Dick B.'s Important Book - "Twelve Steps for You"

Twelve Steps for You

Knowing that even the A.A. pioneers presented a number of different renditions of the Twelve Steps and how to "take them," Dick B. put this title together so that people could examine the various sources materials and then use them better to understand the substance of the Twelve Steps.

Twelve Steps for You approaches the following renditions of Twelve Step materials

1. The Big Book - before Steps 2, 3, and 11 removed God
2. The Big Book instructions in the 4th edition as to how to take the steps today
3. The Oxford Group language and traces in the Twelve Steps
4. The Rev. Sam Shoemaker language and traces in the Twelve Steps
5. The Bible sources of the Twelve Steps
6. Anne Smith's Journal and its comments on each of the elements embodied in the Steps
7. Suggested uses of this information

Dick B., Author and A.A. Historian

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