Tuesday, November 05, 2013

An International Christian Recovery Coalition participant well worth knowing and contacting - Rock Recovery, San Diego

As we move through the 50 states pointing Christians and those wanting God's help toward the wide variety of participants in International Christian Recovery Coalition (www.ChristianRecoveryCoalition.com), we will be discussing some premier efforts being made to utilize faith-based (or faith-centered) 12 Step Recovery help for alcoholics and addicts.

We start with San Diego where Rock Church has made a mark without equal. We've been there, spoken there, visited the bonfire meeting, the Bible study, the beginner orientation, the church services, the treatment program, and the sober living facilities. And we have met with some of the top recovery leaders--Tommy M. David P., Tommy H., Jake S.--and seen their dedication and devotion.

We much favor the intense fellowship and spiritual thrust of those recovery organizations which contain some or all of the strengths of the First Century Christians and of the Old School Akron A.A. Christian Fellowship, as well as the early Cleveland A.A. program.

Check out the following links on the main Rock Recovery website, and you can find the elements we saw and recommend.

Rock Recovery Links


God Bless, Dick B., Executive Director, International Christian Recovery Coalition.

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