Monday, November 04, 2013

12 Steps - the Cofounders Bill W. and Dr. Bob

Be sure you are fully informed about the upbringing, biblical training, Congregational church participation, and original steps the 12 Step cofounders took to get well - both before there were any 12 Steps or Big Books, and in the original Akron A.A. program.

12 Step cofounder information begins with:

The Conversion of Bill W. www.dickb.con/conversion

Dr. Bob's Excellent Training in the Good Book as a Youngster in Vermont

Then what each co-founder had to say about the 12 Steps in his last major address published in The Co-Founders of Alcoholics Anonymous: Biographical Sketches Their Last Major Talks

And if you want 12 Step Cofounder Bill W.'s own story, see Hazelden's autobiography of Bill W., My First 40 Years.

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