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Christian Recovery Treatment - A Comment by A.A. Author, Historian, Christian Dick B.
I was pleased with the temperate tone of both the article and the comments. After twenty-seven years of continuous sobriety as an active A.A., and twenty-four years of researching its reported roots as well as "the rest of the story," I would suggest that A...
Richard Gordon Burns
3:39 PM
We are pleased to announce that we are now producing and funding a five video with accompanying study guide on "the rest of the story" of Alcoholics Anonymous History. Included in the guide are innumerable questions that will show the viewer-reader just how much he cannot know or answer without further information and zeal. It's not the history that has been written (Dick B. has done 46 titles and over 1600 articles). It is about the A.A. history and Christian recovery treatment that has not been reported or written--the material that short-changes the still suffering soul who probably knows he is licked, has a seemingly unmanageable life, has found that other folks cannot pull him out of his hole, and is ready to seek God's help. His problem today is all the historical and scientific writings that tell him he can have a higher power that is a light bulb, is in a program that is "spiritual, but not religious," that he can fashion his own "god," and make his own "self-made" religion, and rely on half-baked prayers that have no legitimate source but thoroughly confuse the confused newcomer who can and should learn how old school AAs developed a simple program without Steps, Traditions, Big Books, war stories, or endless meetings and stressed reliance upon, obedience to, and knowledge of what God can do that he has been unable to do. It all starts with "The Good Book and The Big Book: A.A.'s Roots in the Bible" www.dickb.com/goodbook.shtml .