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Three Exciting Announcements about A.A. History Opportunities

Three Exciting Announcements about

A.A. History and the Christian Recovery Movement


Offerings on the New Site

Dick B.

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1. is a brand new Web site of the International Christian Recovery Coalition. And it will feature:

(a)    “Old-School” Christian Recovery 12 Step Class videotaped Guides—about 12 in number. Accompanying them will be our forthcoming publication of the Guide in print-on-demand and electronic book form. The price will be modest, but has not yet been determined. This “Old-School” Christian Recovery 12 Step Class will probably be underway at Mariners Church fairly soon. It will be available to others shortly. It will be available at our forthcoming May 2012 International Christian Recovery Coalition conference in Orange County, California.

(b)   An ongoing series of Alcoholics Anonymous History-Christian Recovery Movement videos available for a one-time donation of $30.00, that will enable you to see and hear these presentations by Ken B. and me as filmed at the Maui Christian Recovery Resource Center office of the International Christian Recovery Coalition at the Salvation Army building in Kihei, Maui, Hawaii. Donations can be made right now by using the “Donate” button in the “Help Support Our Work” section in the center column of the front page of the Web site. The following is a FREE pilot video for you to view:

If you wish to join this ongoing project, please make your one-time $30.00 donation now or as soon as you wish. You will be given a user name and password. And you can plug into each video presentation as it becomes available and is posted on our site.

(c)    The new Web site will, depending on funding made available as time goes on, contain: (1) Dick’s previously-recorded audio talks.

(2) His previously-recorded radio talks. (3) His previously-recorded conference talks. (4) Past and future recorded podcasts, YouTube videos, and audioblog presentations. (5) Other resources such as interviews and panels as they come along.

2 .  This new endeavor has been in the works for some time. Parts were videotaped before our

recent trip to Southern California in January 2012. Items were discussed with a number of    Christian leaders and workers in the recovery arena during that visit. Others have seen snippets announced on our blogs, forums, Facebook, and Twitter.

We are sure this will provide a tremendous number of resources, teaching guides, and easy-to-see-and-hear materials on early A.A. origins and history, the First Century

Christianity backdrop, the original Akron A.A. “Christian fellowship” program and successes, and the application of those features by Christian leaders, workers, newcomers, and programs of recovery today. It will be founded upon “Conference-approved” literature as a “must” for understanding how to do this today.

In His Service, Dick B.

Gloria Deo

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