Friday, February 24, 2012

Jeff and Debra Jay = Love First Intervention Training

Those participating in International Christian Recovery Coalition and who have established Christian Recovery Resource Centers know how much we stress the initial importance of qualifying the newcomer and those who care. Also how detox should be a seriously considered option. And how intervention leading to Christian recovery treatment, fellowship, and practices can be an important option in giving the suffering people a real shot at deliverance. In that respect, we have recommended Jay and Debra Jay and their “Love First” program. And here is some news that may be helpful.

Dick B., Executive Director, International Christian Recovery Coalition, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

Letter from Jeff Jay:

Thanks for all your good work. I hope to be able to attend a conference one of these days!

Your friend,

Jeff Jay

PS: Debra and I are doing a training for interventionists at Betty Ford Center. Is there any way you can help get the word out?

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Intervention Training for Clinicians

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June 3–8, 2012

• Facilitated by Jeff & Debra Jay

• Hosted by Betty Ford Center

• Experienced professionals only

• Advanced skill-building

• Custom curriculum workbooks

• Clinical field materials

• Printed, pdf and iBook formats

• Supervision of 3 interventions

• Limited to 20 participants

• Luxury accommodations

• All-inclusive pricing

The most thorough education curriculum for clinical interventionists ever developed.

Authors of Love First, Jeff and Debra Jay, are offering a truly comprehensive course for experienced therapists who wish to become clinical interventionists.

The 5-day course covers every aspect of intervention: structured family intervention, executive-style intervention, workplace intervention, invitational-style process intervention and other variations. The goal is to prepare clinicians to individualize intervention to the needs of families and the addicted person, including working with dual diagnosis and special populations.

Active learning will dominate the classroom experience. Participants will engage in problem solving, analysis, evaluation, and participate in team-based learning. The course includes case supervision of participants’ first three interventions. Certification hours are compliant with CAADAC, NAADAC, APA, BRI and more. The training is provided personally by Jeff Jay and Debra Jay. A maximum of 20 students will be accepted for the course.

Jeff and Debra Jay have developed curriculum workbooks specifically for this course. Additionally, all participants will receive clinical field materials, written by the Jays, to be used when doing actual

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