Sunday, February 05, 2012

Dick B. Books Inscribed Personally to You

Many are asking that individual Dick B. books they purchase and/or the entire 29 volume references set (at a big discount) contain inscriptions personal to the purchaser.

Our books are now primarily in print-on-demand. This means that when you place and pay for an order, your order goes directly to the printer; the printer prints the book at once; and the printer sends the ordered book, books, or set directly to you.

Therefore, if you would like your books personally inscribed to you, I would be pleased to do this and send to you by first class mail a label or labels which you can past in the front of the book. The label will look like this:

i.e.: "To Bill W., Dick B., 2012" and we are pleased to provide these inscriptions as they make the book or books personal to the purchaser, show that you have been in touch with us directly, and possibly make the books themselves of greater value to you and yours or future owners.

God Bless, Dick B.

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