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Your Invitation to Send Your Twelve Step Guide

Your Invitation to Send Your Twelve Step Guide

Dick B.

Executive Director, International Christian Recovery Coalition

Through my 22 years of research and publishing on Alcoholics Anonymous History, I have acquired many publications which, regardless of title, can rightly be called Twelve Step Guides.

Many varieties are in my shelves. I play no favorites when someone tells me that have or have written or use a particular guide. Even when it lambastes A.A. or the Steps or the Bible. Sometimes authors inscribe the guide. Sometimes they ask if I would like to have a copy. Sometimes publishers send them. Sometimes Twelve Steppers from other groups send them.

And they are all welcome, instructive, and apt to be quoted, utilized, or criticized. But mostly they have resulted in phone conversations, letters, and friendships.

As a few know, we are launching a new project. It is now called “Impaired No More: The Real Solution.” There are many facets of the project. There will be a library or libraries that contain books relevant to the subject and to the solution. There will be brief film clips that will be

made available through an online link. There may be audio clips. There certainly will be books, eBooks, articles, newsletters, blogs, forums, Facebook and Twitter entries, and conferences and seminars to go with them all.

Personally, I have already received Christian guides, Twelve Step guides, Bible guides, Recovery Bible guides, secular guides and criticisms, A.A. and Twelve-Step authored guides, and many more. In fact, the more the merrier.

Here’s the Invitation

If you, your friends, your group, your center, your program, your publisher, your church, your fellowship, and others have:

1.      A guide to the Twelve Steps.

2.      A recovery guide that is focused on biblical guides, Christian guides, A.A. guides,

Religious guides, and Twelve Step organization or publisher guides.

And if you would like, at your own expense, to send a complimentary copy that is free, not-to-be-returned, perhaps inscribed, and something you would like to have examined, listed, mentioned, and perhaps discussed as we move forward, please send your copy to:

            Dick B., PO Box 837, Kihei, HI 96753-0837

Your gracious response will be acknowledged, appreciated, and used in one way or another to help the suffering addicted and afflicted. You know our focus is on God’s help. You may not know that we believe that A.A.’s roots—whether biblical, Oxford Group, Shoemaker, Jamesian, Jungian, New Thought, denominational, non-profit, secular, humanist, and bordering on the “incurable” thesis—should be known by all in the recovery movement and dealt with.

Dick B.,, 808 874 4876.

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