Monday, December 19, 2011

A.A. HistoryCruises: Enjoyable, Instructive, Service-oriented! Still a possibility!

Alcoholics Anonymous History Cruises

Common possibilities include and have included Alaska, Baja California, the Carribean, and even a planned one to circle the Hawaiian Islands, another for New England, Quebec, and points between.

Let me tell you about Veronica and Val R. They are two very knowledgeable, experienced, service-oriented members of a recovery fellowship and of the International Christian Recovery Coalition.

In recent years, they organized and funded the first two A.A. History Cruises. One was to Alaska. The other was to the Carribean. Veronica and Val live in Woodland, CA. The two cruises did not focus on drunkalogs. Nor were they "archive" oriented. Nor were they A.A. affiliated. But they introduced cruise-oriented members to the joys of history cruises--the same kind of cruises that have been popular for AAs and others as "sober cruises," "holiday cruises," and even "Joe and Charlie" speaker cruises.

The two history cruises featured  meetings in a special area on the ship. There were talks by Mel B., (substantial contributor to "Pass It On" and writer for Hazelden and to the Grapevine.) Also Ray G., (long-time archivist and a managing board member at Dr. Bob's Home.) Also, myself (Dick B., A.A. historian and writer.) And both Veronica and Val who are described below.

The latter have attended our history conference in Delaware. They spoke at my seminar at the Wilson House in Vermont. They spoke at the Tampa history conference organized by George M.
They followed my First Nationwide History Conference in Phoenix with their presentations in Phoenix. Veronica was in charge of Archives International and its program at the Toronto Convention of A.A. Both have sponsored many people and familiarized themselves with our history.

These Conferences were followed by an announcement of the venerable Jim M. that his sister was organized a similar cruise, but I heard no more of it though eagerly anticipated it.

Now, the International Christian Recovery Coalition is hosting one, and probably two "Let Your Voice Be Heard" conferences with world-wide outreach. They will be held in May, 2012. The first will be held in Orange County, California--with planning already under way. The second at Miami is on our "wish list." There are talented and knowledgeable Christian Recovery leaders throughout Florida. There is a solid crew there. Some have attended cruises we attended or other cruises. Russell S. of Miami is a Christian A.A. and a much sought-after speaker, who recently spoke at our Summit Conference at The Crossing in Costa Mesa, CA.

Past A.A. history cruises have not been pursued recently. Persons, or a collaborative group with experience like that of Val and Veronica, are needed initially to fund the cruise as to speakers. An experienced cruise organizer that of Alice Travel  in Florida needs to be in the loop because of wide previous customer-contacts and lots of cruise travel know-how.. A sizeable core group like that in International Christian Recovery Coalition need to be informed and urged to join if they can. And competent, cooperative, amiable speakers need to be selected. I certainly would want to be one of them, particularly as Executive Director of our Coalition.

May will be here soon. The Conference in Orange County will happen. The Conference in Miami should happen. And the whole picture could be filled by the presence of Christian recovery leaders, workers, and newcomers--as well as those who seek God's help in recovery. Easily, a cruise with great ports, great food, great recreation, relaxing extras, and unusually fine evening entertainment will leave cruisers relaxed, informed, and enthused about our mission. Further, we are not a glum lot.

Suggestions, support, planning are welcome. Dick B.,; 808 874 4876.

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