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"Let Your Voice Be Heard" 2012 Recovery Conferences

Announcing Conferences: "Let Your Voice Be Heard!"


The International Christian Recovery Coalition Conferences

Theme: “Let Your Voice Be Heard!”

Orange County, CA, and Miami, FL (a cruise!?)

May 2012

Help Us Plan. And Plan to Help!

The International Christian Recovery Coalition ( is planning two worldwide conferences for May 2012. One will be based in Southern California and one in Miami (a cruise!?)

The Reason for the Conferences

Daily, we receive emails and phone calls from Christian A.A. old timers, newer members, and family members. Many are leaders. Most are bewildered by the static they hear or

receive when, at meetings, they share their own relationship with God in recovery.

Many hear the old saw: If I had heard the word “God” in a meeting, I would have gone out and gotten drunk. Newcomers will flee from A.A. if they hear about the Bible.

Those who send us these messages are solid 12 Step people. They usually have long-term sobriety. They regularly participate in their fellowship. They know the Big Book and Steps.

And they want to be heard.

Current Thoughts about the Conferences

We are planning to hold two International Christian Recovery Coalition Conferences in May 2012. One will be held in Orange County, California, and the other will be (based) in Miami-Dade County, Florida. (This latter Conference may be held on a cruise ship as part of a cruise!)

In Orange County, we are considering holding the Conference at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Santa Ana. It is near the John Wayne/Orange County Airport and near a major freeway. We will seek reasonable Conference rates. The rooms at the Embassy Suites are (of course) suites, which will allow participants to meet with each other privately during Conference breaks. Conference rooms are available. Food is served. Bob Noonan of Orange, CA--an active participant in the International Christian Recovery Coalition-- is familiar with the facility and has offered to make arrangements.

The Conference will be in May, 2012. It will begin Friday evening and extend through Sunday morning. There will be a minimal registration charge of $30.00 per person. We will begin making Conference announcements with a firm date and location in Orange County shortly after January 17, 2012, when we return from our January 4-14 trip to California.

In Miami-Dade County, the Conference will be held either in a hotel similar to the Embassy Suites Hotel in Santa Ana or on a cruise ship as part of a cruise based out of Miami! More to come on this Conference soon.

Participants from all over the world—particularly those who are Participants in the International Christian Recovery Coalition—will be welcome and can express themselves.

You have a message. We want your voice to be heard. This is the time and place.


There will be hospitality and networking in the lobby and in the suites.

There will be Christian music, hopefully by great entertainers such as Walter Santos of Santos Ministries (

There may be one keynote speaker who is a Christian that has recovered from alcoholism and drug addiction by seeking God's help; whose life is fruitful; and who is actively carrying the message to the alcoholics and addicts who still suffer.

We hope that every person who has a message of  hope, based on reliance on God, coming to Him through His Son Jesus Christ, and looking to the Bible for answers will speak.

The opportunity: Speak for ½ hour to 45 minutes at: (1) The large Conference; (2) Breakout sessions that cover your area of service and concern; (3) Self-arranged meetings at breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and/or (4) Individually arranged meetings in the suites, lobby, halls, and nearby spots.

Let your voice be heard!

Let God be your guide: “Speak, LORD, for thy servant heareth.”

Learn what others do. Make suggestions. Plan collaboration. Support Coalition projects

Theme: “Let Your Voice Be Heard!”

“The Dick B. Collaborative Effort for Christian Recovery.” Enlist Christian leaders and workers in the recovery arena in collaborative projects.

“Impaired No More!” In 2012, we will be organizing, contacting, supporting, and/or informing receptive groups that help the following groups of people and many more to prevent addictive behavior, recover from addictive behavior, pursue successfully their former work or find new challenging lives.

The groups can involve impaired physicians, pharmacists, dentists, nurses, health care providers; lawyers, judges, paralegals; transportation people like pilots, flight attendants; business executives, owners, sales and marketing people, store owners; restaurant and entertainment owners and workers; barbers and hair stylists; medical technicians, dental technicians, hospital workers; labor unions and leaders; correctional and probation workers; women’s groups; clergy and pastoral counselors; therapists and substance abuse counselors; and on and on and on.

Pick your area of expertise; choose your arena; gather your volunteers; secure the support of your church, fellowship, associates, agencies; help launch the “Impaired No More” groups in your area, state, or country.

Let the recipients learn how, with God’s help, to be “Impaired No More!”

Let Your Voice Be Heard Now: Support, suggestions, funding, volunteer service, resources, physical help with food or transportation or communication and announcements.

We start now. Contact  us in Maui now. Meet with us while we are in Southern California January 4-14, 2012. Phone or email us now. Spread the word  and the Word.

Dick B., Executive Director, International Christian Recovery Coalition; 808 874 4876 or 808 276 4945; PO Box 837, Kihei, HI 96753

Gloria Deo

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