Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Is Alcoholics Anonymous Christian?" The Psychoheretics are at it again!

The psychoheretics who state they are Christians have tried every phoney ruse to bash today's A.A.

They claim it's Masonic. Hogwash! They claim it's Spiritualist! Hogmire! They claim it's New Thought! There's a humdinger because Emmet Fox is mentioned as a book read. They may have read Confucius. They may have heard of Emmet Fox's "higher power. But the A.A. bashers never bothered to research either A.A. History or A.A.'s Big Book to see if the Creator, Maker, Father of Lights, Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ qualified for accurate study of how the Akron AAs read the Bible, believed in God, accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, followed Romans 10:9, John 3:15, and Acts 1-2 on the new birth; and never, to my knowledge, mentioned some crazy higher power like "not-god" or "Something" or Light bulb or Radiator or Santa Claus.

A.A.'s Cleveland founder Clarence Snyder often said: If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for almost anything. Let's stand on the facts, and not fall for inaccurate AA bashing trash.

And it is doubtful that anyone--scholar, counselor, AA, or academic or court of law--could take one look at Alcoholics Anonymous--in the Akron days, or the Big Book today--and find Bill Wilson or Dr. Bob urging from their graves that AAs must use Masonic squares and levels and aprons, or spiritualist incantations, or not-gods on anyone--especially the newcomer who still suffers.

By the way. Was Akron A.A. Christian? Did Akron AAs require belief in God? Did Akron AAs require every member to confess Jesus as Lord and believe that God raised him from the dead? Yes!
Did they mention Jesus crucified? Yes. Try reading Anne Smith's Journal. Did they mention the Holy Spirit? Yes. Try reading Anne Smith's Journal.

Does any of this happen in A.A. meetrings today? I haven't heard it in the twenty-five years I have been going there, speaking, and working with newcomers.

Are there Christians in A.A. today? Thousands and thousands and thousands. Just as there are many Jews, Buhhists, Hindus, atheists, and unbelievers. The latter believe what they want. So do the Christians if they realize that psychoheresy and other A.A. bashers are dosing out hogwash.

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