Saturday, October 08, 2011 A.A. History Resource List Needs to Include Dover Publications New Reprint of Alcoholics Anonymous 1st edition

Dover Publications has just released its reprint of the First Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous with circus cover. This marks a new resource for understanding the beginning history of the Big Book.

Its important contributions are:

(1) Reinstatement of all the personal stories--almost all of which were removed in subsequent editions.

(2) An extensive introduction by Dick B. This explains in detail the contents of the First Edition, the vital role that the previously removed personal stories played in providing evidentiary "proof" of "The Solution" that dominates the Big Book.

(3) The contents and the introduction underline the difference between the original solution--a "spiritual experience"--and its replacement with "spiritual awakening" and "personality change sufficient to overcome the disease of alcoholism."

This new work, when coupled with the Hazelden's recently released original printer's manuscript, makes the Big Book changes before, during, and after publication come alive for newcomers, sponsors, and fellowship members.

I strongly recommend this new resource be included and highlighted.

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