Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Christians in A.A.? Of course! And here's why



Is A.A. Christian? - Cyber Recovery Social Network Forums - Alcohol and Drug Addiction Help/Support

cyberrecovery.net— Is A.A. Christian? A.A. With Dick B. More and more, people are Googling in the question: Is A.A. Christian. Is it? Some, including a few Christian writers who are anti-A.A., are quick to jump in and answer with a Bible verse or two, an admonition or three, and a condemnation or 20. Again: Is A.A. Christian? Why not start with facts before attempting to answer the question in any meaningful, useful, and helpful way! You might first ask, "What is A.A.?" ot "What A.A. literature--past or present--can shed light on the question?" or "Who is asking the question?" Is the questioner studying A.A., condemning A.A., trying to prove the affirmative, trying to argue the negative, contending that AAs will go to hell, stating that the Bible prohibits attending A.A., or stating flatly that A.A. is Christian or not Christian. And of what period in A.A.'s 75 years or so, is the questioner asking? You can start by finding out the major influences on A.A. historically. These are the YMCA, Christian evangelists like Dwight Moody and F.B. Meyer, the Salvation Army, the Gospel Rescue Missions including the one where one cofounder made his decision for Jesus Christ, and The Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor. One comprehensive, documented study can be found in Dick B., Dr. Bob of Alcoholics Anonymous (www.dickb.com/drbobofaa.shtml). Another is Dick B., The Conversion of Bill W. (www.dickb.com/conversion.shtml). Still another can be found in Dick B. Real Twelve Step Fellowship History (www.dickb.com/realhistory.shtml). You can move on to look at the Christian upbringing of A.A.'s cofounders Dr. Robert H. Smith and William G. Wilson. You will mostly have to look outside of A.A. for details. But the books above will be helpful. But two A.A. Conference-approved books can start you on your quest. One is DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers (1980). Another is "Pass It On." And still another are the autobiography of Bill W. himself. Another, the biography of Bill's doctor, " Aug 22, 2011

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