Monday, October 03, 2011

Our three conference talks in California and a very brief report

The Crossing Church in Costa Mesa and Golden Hills Community Church in Brentwood hosted the two International Christian Recovery Coalition conferences in California and we just returned from addressing the Association of Christian Drug and Alcohol Counselors Institute Conference in Palm Springs.

In brief, the interchange of the speakers and panelists, the meetings we had with many solid Christian recovery movement leaders have been a rewarding experience and make it clear that several pending projects will bear fruit.

The first is a probable radio show where the many Christian recovery movement leaders will be interviewed at length and tell their work and enable you to get to know their progress and the particular areas of service they fulfill. They are located all over the world. Second is a probable series of renewal conferences where these leaders and the growing number of new participants can help each other grow a true enhancement of Christian recovery from alcoholism and addiction for the addicted and afflicted. Third Dover Publications just released its reprint of the First Edition, with all the personal stories - most of which had been removed from later editions, and an extensive introduction written by Dick B. and providing a highly useful picture of why the First Edition is still vitally important. And we featured this new release during our three conferences. Finally, we believe the time is ripe for a collaborative Christian Recovery Movement effort by the many leaders we have met over the past 21 years of travel, speaking, research, and publishing. They come from all phases of recovery efforts; and many are growing extensively in their outreach, for example, in San Diego, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, San Jose, Antioch, Brentwood, and Oroville as well as in the six or seven states from which conference participants came to share and learn and inform.
Much more soon.

We have never had such a large, diverse, and geographically spread group of exhibitors, endorsers, sponsors, speakers, panelists, denominational interest, and the cooperative work they did just during these three events.

God Bless, Dick B.

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