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Alcoholics Anonymous History

Alcoholics Anonymous History

A Spiritual Tool for Recovery, or Material to be Locked in Glass Cases?

By Dick B.

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Let’s talk very very briefly about the purpose, value, and use of Alcoholics Anonymous History when it comes to helping the newcomer who still suffers from alcoholism, addiction, or at-risk behavior. Also the affected person or entity harmed by the malady.

The Challenge

As one who has devoted 21 years to researching and publishing on A.A. History, I have a strong view (based on my 25 plus years of continuous sobriety) that the sooner the newcomer, the sponsor, the speaker, the group, the professional, or the treatment center incorporates introductory material on A.A. History in the approach, the more likely it is that a new discovery will be made and the newcomer will be blessed.

So many historical materials I have seen are simply locked away in glass cases with no keys to enter, no docent to explain, and no literature to describe the contents. Many of these materials are my own. Many are locked away in well-known university libraries, archives, collections of books, and back rooms. These items are of immense value and importance—but only if seen and understood. See http://dickb.com/makingknown.shtml.

A Helpful New Approach

Some of us are bird dogs or book worms or tireless readers. And lots of our findings wind up in books (www.dickb.com/titles.shtml), articles (www.dickb.com), blogs (www.mauihistorian.blogspot.com), radio programs, Facebook, Twitter, and forums. Yet often the material is either unknown or unread or discarded or misquoted.

The answer, I believe, is training the trainers to master and pass on the content to the affected and the afflicted. This doesn’t mean enforced schooling. It means that those who want to do something other than mouth the “wisdom of the rooms” or the pedantic surveys of academics need to do some homework. The resources are there. They are becoming ever more voluminous. And they can really help the newcomer and others who want God’s help.

My Aim

I readily concede that I was healed of alcoholism by the power of God. And so did the early AAs. For example, see the writing of Bill Wilson on page 191 of the most recent edition of Alcoholics Anonymous: “The Lord has cured me of this terrible disease, and I just want to keep talking about it and telling people.” A.A. Number Three endorsed the applicability of this statement to his own situation on the same page. And Dr. Bob repeatedly said he was cured of alcoholism by the power of prayer.

My aim has been and is to provide convincing, documented, complete, accurate information that shows the role that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible have played in the origins, history, founding, original Christian Fellowship program, and successes among the early A.A. pioneers in Akron and Cleveland.

Why? Because they have played a major role in my own recovery. And because they can be applied in every kind of recovery and treatment approach today where people are willing to look at early A.A. history, master the contents of A.A.’s own “Conference-approved” literature of the earlier years, and apply the power of God so well demonstrated historically to those who suffer in misery today.

But only if the suffering soul wants to quit, is willing to do whatever it takes, and seeks God’s help.

God could and would if He were sought. Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th ed., page 60.

Gloria Deo

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