Saturday, June 11, 2011

We Are Doing Something on Maui! . . .

We are doing something on Maui! . . . about Alcoholism, about Addiction, and about Those Affected by These Illness.

Author & Historian Dick B. is presenting a Maui Island-Wide Community Recovery Program of

The Maui Christian Recovery Resource Center
in partnership with The County of Maui Salvation Army

in association with a growing number of leaders and groups where the leaders are recovered people with long-terms sobriety, are Christians, and have been devoted for many years to helping others get well. The difference today is that these leaders and the groups they work with will be joining together in efforts to make full-time recovery resources available to the homeless, the imprisoned, those being released from prison, the abandoned and despairing, alcoholics and addicts and those affected by and often harmed because of alcoholic and addictive behaviors. In all, people who have been yearning for a return to "old time" A.A. This "old time" A.A.--grounded in the mottoe of "love and service"--is completely compatible with and supportive of present-day 12-Step and anonymous programs - with one exception. It is focused on reminding those desperately seeking a new way out that the way out began many years ago, embraced salvation, Bible, prayer, Quiet Time, fellowship and witnessing. It was fostered by the Evangelists, Rescue Missions, YMCA lay brethren, the Salvation Army, and the Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor. And this new way out exists in Maui today!

Those wanting God's help will be given a full-time opportunity to seek His love, power, guidance, forgiveness, and healing with the help of those who have fully recovered by reliance on God, whatever the starting point of recovery.

More details on their way.

Dick B.

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