Wednesday, June 29, 2011

International Christian Recovery Coalition Forum Coming Soon!

A Forum Coming Soon for International Christian Recovery Coalition on our website:

The International Christian Recovery Coalition has launched a number of projects in its two-year plus existence since 2009. The latest is a forum on its webpage.

International Christian Recovery Coalition has a simple mission. Confirming and reportingthat "Christians in the recovery arena are not alone", the Coalition has defined the role that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible played in the origins, history, founding, original A.A. Christian Fellowship founded in 1935, and its astonishing successes. This role is little known in A.A. and has virtually been ignored by the Fellowship, historians, "scholars," treatment programs, counselors, and government-non-profit agencies--and even Christian recovery leaders and workers. The Coalition has bent every effort to report the history and also to show how important in application it can be today--in A.A. and certainly in helping to recovery those who want God's help.

The forthcoming forum will enable viewers: (1)To ask questions about the Coalition and its projects. (2) To ask questions about the Christian Recovery Resource Centers that were launched starting January, 2011. (3) To ask questions about Christian recovery. (4) To enable International Christian Recovery Coalition participants--now existing in almost every state of the USA, and in a growing number of other countries--to network with each other. (5) To enable Christian Recovery Coalition Centers become more effective in outreach by having a direct and popular means of give and take discussions on the internet. (6) To make comments and suggestions without restrictive censorship or "moderating" czars. (7) To introduce themselves.

This conversational opportunity will bring Christian recovery means and organizations and leaders and newcomers into a new and very specific forum that is focused on every aspect of Christian recovery problems, hindrances, resources, and locations.

The Forum joins the many other informational projects that have been established since the International Christian Recovery Coalition began with the large conference of Christian leaders and workers in recovery that was convened at the Mariners Church Community Center in Irvine, California in May, 2010.

First came the establishment of the Coalition itself. Next came the website. Next came the facebook. Next came the blog Next came the organization of Christian Recovery Resource Centers and Persons--Worlwide. Next came the free distribution of about 14,000 A.A. history and Christian Recovery Movement history titles, authored by historian and writer Dick B. Next came the "Introductory Foundations for Christian Recovery Class" Next came the Dick B. Handbook for Christian Recovery Coalition Centers and Persons. Finally came over twenty-five conferences, meetings, and conferences in California and Oahu where Dick B and Ken B. addressed hundreds and hundreds of receptive audiences.

And, underlying the project, have been three editions of The Dick B. Christian Recovery Guide. This is the flagship recovery resource. It has been available for purchase on It has been distributed at conferences. And it has been ordered online and by phone by a large number of afflicted and affected persons seeking God's help for their maladies.

Very shortly, the International Christian Recovery Coalition Forum will be up and running and available for viewing and exchange of views on a separate page on the website.

Stay tuned, and gather immense amounts of information about Christian recovery from alcoholism, addiction, and "co-dependency" problems.

God Bless, Dick B., Executive Director,;

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