Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Plight of the A.A. Newcomer Entering Recovery Today: Dick B. YouTube Presentation # 10

The latest Dick B. YouTube Channel presentation is Number 10. It is up and running along with the previous nine. And thanks to the hard work of Neal Pearson of Texas and of my son Ken B., we will soon have online all 11 of the first series on A.A. History and The Christian Recovery Movement.

A.A. History and the Christian Recovery Movement will have many many brief videos presnting Dick B.'s voice, an easily read script to follow along, and occasionally some pictures of appropriate books--particularly the Dick B. A.A. History Titles When all 11 are up and running, we will widely publicize all eleven presentations, by number and by titles of the subject. The best organized URL to click is:

Meanwhile, Dick B. YouTube Channel PresentationNumber 10 is The Plight of the A.A. Newcomer Entering Recovery Today.
Check out my A.A. history videos on the new Dick B. Channel on YouTube:

God Bless, Dick B.

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