Sunday, June 05, 2011

6th Dick B. YouTube Program - The Rescue Missions

We are plugging ahead with these programs on A.A. History and the Christian Recovery Movement. My son is painstakingly editing the hard work that I did in drafting the material and that our great friend and helper Neal Pearson of Texas did and does in putting the presentations together. Ken is a stickler for precision and accuracy, and I'm all for his views and efforts.

Now this sixth Dick B. YouTube Program is on a very important item among the six Christian factors that influenced the cofounders in their boyhood and cast an strong influence on the first A.A. Christian Fellowship the cofounders of A.A. founded in Akron in June, 1939.

Remember, all of these are brief introductions to the many subjects we will cover. And we put up text and books to help you see more about the particular subject.

This sixth program on dickbchannel is about the rescue missions. It is especially important because both Ebby Thacher and Bill Wilson made their decisions for Jesus Christ at the altar of the Calvary Mission, operated by Sam Shoemaker's Calvary Church.

Here is the scoop on where to find, see, and hear Number Six on Rescue Missions:

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Title of Video: Dick B. 06 AA History & Christian Recovery: Rescue Missions

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