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Moderator of aa history lovers asked to resign

The aggrieved owner of the website has just posted the material below: "An Illustrated Alcoholic Anonymous Bibliography" Hope You Find Some Helpful Stuff LD P Editor 06 15 95 GLENN CHESTNUT SHOULD RESIGN FROM BEING MODERATOR OF THE AA HISTORY LOVERS YAHOO GROUP His actions and postures are a disgrace to anyone who calls himself a historian!!! This action verifies and promotes the idea that AA is a cult and promulgates the cult like Activities of Alcoholics Anonymous including cult like activities of the AA history Lovers Yahoo Group. (ie Glenn Chestnut-they (he) are fearful about AA's Religious Origins so he (they) will ban all discussion in this Yahoo AA History Group about that) 04 02 2011 UPDATE Censorship in AA and Censorship in AA History Glenn Chestnut moderator of A.A. History Lovers does not permit any posts by those with whom Its moderator Glenn Chesnutt, disagrees.(Especially any info regarding the Writings of AA history Author Dickb WHO Has long been banned from this group by both moderators) Glenn C can you provide me with a list of who else is banned from participating in your list? Why is Dick B the only Author Banned??? How many other aa history website Editors are banned? Glenn Chestnut Bans LD P (17 years sober) (editor of this website) banned from Yahoo AA History Group You have been banned from this group by "the group moderator" (Yahoo! ID banned: diazeztone). You may not join the group AAHistoryLovers. I had participated in this group for 12 years. Now I am banned because I like read and enjoy writings of AA historian Dick B of Hawaii Reason:?? Asking (SENDING POST TO GROUP) that message be published to group announcing Dickb AA Historian's plans to GIVE AWAY 350 CASES OF AA HISTORY BOOKS Glenn and his Group are fearful of Dickb 's religious and spiritual meaning in AA History. However they will fully cover and discuss same message(s) from Mel B or Bill Pittmans Books. (and of course freely discuss and PLUG Glenn C's OWN BOOKS) This-his Censorship is cult- like- big -book -thumper- Fearplain and simple. (this in direct contradiction to our AA motto: that principle is not to practice contempt prior to investigation) 02 15 2011 NO PHONE NUMBER ON THE RESUME PAGE Other PAGE with photo/ CALL HIS UNIVERISTY OFFICE TO PROTEST Glenn F. Chesnut (Prof. of History & Religious Studies Indiana ... South Bend IN 46617; phone 219 233-7211 LD, I received a copy of this notice too. (click to see Dick B's Message about giving away books (which Glen Chestnut Deems so offensive; ) Does that mean that Dick is going into a nursing home or some place else like that where there will be no room to store all those books? It looks like Dick's son Ken is taking over most of the running o the operation now, and seems to want to get rid of most of the stock of Dick's books which they have stored on their shelves. And/or, Dick's son Ken (who is a pastor who is not a recovering alcoholic himself) wants to start putting more emphasis on Christian recovery as a church-oriented endeavor with less AA involvement. I don't know. Do you know more? If we posted this in the AAHistoryLovers, we would get a really furious protest from some of our members, accompanied by serious threats to quit the group themselves. It seems best, doesn't it, to assume that those who are Dick's fans will already be on his internet mailing list, or will know people who are? It wouldn't help anything at all to tear the AAHistoryLovers apart and destroy it, just in order to post one announcement which those who are interested will have probably already received anyway. Glenn Chesnut My response Group members give serious threats to quit the group themselves LET THEM QUIT THE GROUP!! Banning someone because their scholarship is different is counterproductive. Banning someone because they submitted a message about an AA historian's book give away is INSANE AND DOWNRIGHT WRONG. Where are your morals Glenn C?? are you really practicing the Principles of AA?? Read Dick B's Response Someone who purports to be the moderator of A forum posting site and someone else who uses the name AWUH decided to write insolent replies to my post. Their problem is that they didn't take the time to learn the facts before they wrote. The Big Book calls this "contempt prior to investigation." (Editor LDP: I am not sure to which site or post Dick B is Referring to here in this first paragraph) If I post, I can expect contempt now and then. Contempt prior to investigation is another matter entirely. Here are the facts: The owner of has been a long and consistent contributor to all kinds of history about A.A. And for many years. I have no connection whatever with his website or him although he has posted a number of items about me - as well as other historians like Mel Barger, Ernest Kurtz, and many others. He has also gathered and posted a large number of books and articles germane to A.A. history. However, apparently he decided--when he learned that I was distributing free cases of A.A. history books (350 cases)--to tell aa history lovers about the opportunity. He didn't notify me in advance or ask my permission or receive any request from me. Instead, he was told by the owner of that site - Glenn Chesnut - that I was headed for a nursing home, was turning my 20 years of research over to one of my sons, and was trying to "Christianize" A.A. Then Chesnut banned the contributor from his website and told him members would be "furious" if he listed anything pertaining to Dick B. I have no connection whatever with A.A. history lovers. I don't surf it. I don't use it. I don't like one or two of the members because of their close-mindedness, but I know and like dozens of the others. And I have never met Glenn Chesnut. I have protested the affront to the owner of aabibliography because I oppose censorship of A.A. history, and Glenn Chesnut has claimed he has most of the leading historians connected with his site. If he does, I am not surprised that several of them--who are my friends--have written me regretting Glenn's intemperate and arbitrary acts. To close the matter, live and let live. Onward to the history lovers. Onward to aabibliography. And let the dead bury their dead. I’m glad to see your revised announcement about A.A. History Lovers. Chesnut deserves every statement you made because your statements are truthful and his attitude is vicious and harmful to AAs. Dick B Dick B 03 31 2011 I am encouraging Dick B to compose more thoughts on the original reasons and emails for which Dick B also was originally banned from AA history Lovers by moderator Nancy Olsen and then moderator Glenn Chestnutt email from dick b -04 02 2011 I surely appreciate your full statement of the Glenn Chesnut libel. Also my response. That poor gentleman seems to know little if anything about truthfulness, tolerance, and taming his tongue. If he did, he’d be reading Dr. Bob’s remarks and the lessons in the Book of James which were so popular in A.A. itself. Yes, I will write the story of how Nancy O’s censorship began. I never met the lady, never communicated with her except for the one time she told me she was banning me because Ernest Kurtz had told her my work lacked integrity and said I was “preaching” in my books. She said she wanted a “safe” site. Safe? Safe from the truth? Safe from all the facts? Safe for whatever purpose Ernest Kurtz had in trying to promote “not-god-ness” as the theme of A.A. and repeatedly calling me an “amateur,” a “hobbyist,” and a few other niceties. Finally, after two or three aa history lovers criticized Kurtz for his remarks, he actually apologized to me—something I don’t expect Glenn Chesnut ever to do, and something which Nancy—may she rest in peace—went to her grave with. What a heavy price these angry, jealous, envious, vindictive people pay for the privilege of having a few people read their books and listen to their views. Keep going, L.D. It is one thing to lie and misrepresent facts to your friends and your forum. It is quite another to libel, slander, and lie to anyone who comes along. And believe me, L.D., you and I are not the only ones so attacked. There are others who have been humiliated and disgraced by the acid tongues of these folks. What they do is neither godly, nor truthful, nor just. It’s a disgrace. And I’m glad to see you unearthing it. I sure have publicized your site in every way possible in recent weeks. And I will continue to do so as I have anyway for so many years. What you are seeing is neither A.A. nor history nor useful to a newcomer. It is simply uncontrolled venting by frustrated egotists. By the way, L.D., I think it is appropriate for you to address Glenn Chesnut directly and demand a retraction from him of his lying statements and demand an apology from him for his damaging attack on your reputation. He can’t put a fence around the world, and his deceitful back-biting deserve to be reprimanded. Either he espouses the 10th Step or he doesn’t. If he doesn’t, you should tree him and gain an admission that he doesn’t practice the principles. If he does, it’s more than time for him to apologize, make amends, make restitution, and publically retract the lies. God bless, Dick k B 04 2 2011 email #2 from dick b -04 02 2011 Is the material ABOVE really the view that reputable members of A.A. history lovers espouse and promote? I know a few of them rather well. And I doubt it. It is time for the professor to retract his statements, make amends, and apologize publically. There is much more to this unwarranted attack than what aabibliography has thus far encountered. It is not at all difficult to point to the two or three persons who have urged him on. It is not at all difficult already to name the names of those whose views have been barred. It's not Dick B. because I don't even know this professor, don't subscribe to his group, haven't submitted anything to it or him - other than to ask if he, like his predecessor Nancy, was refusing to post anything I wrote. To which, several years ago, he made the same statement to me that aabibliography received from him. The Chesnut statement is quoted in aabibliographyi website and set forth below The libelous remarks about me, my books, and my son are very precise: (1) Dick B. may be going into a nursing home (a lie and something Chesnut says he doesn't know). (2) Dick B. has no place to store his books (a lie). (3) The reasons for my giving away 350 cases of books have nothing to do with a nursing home or the ability to store them anywhere. Hundreds and hundreds have been stored at my expense through the years. (4) Ken B. is taking over my affairs (a lie). (5) Ken B. wants to get rid of 13,000 books (a lie). (6) Ken B. somehow is arranging for a church-oriented endeavor (a lie). There is not one shred of documentation or proof of any of the Chesnut charges. It is notable that Chesnut never made one single inquiry of me to determine if his statements were true. I have suggested that aa bibliography demand a retraction and an apology because the statements obviously intentionally damage the reputation and efforts of aa bibliography and of me. And just for the information of the recipients of this letter: Over 180,000 of my books have been sold or distributed since 1990. All of my books are now in print-on-demand and can readily be (and are being purchased) through, Barnes & Noble, Baker Book house, and many other retail outlets - as well as my own website (which has had over 4.5 million visitors). Chesnut may harbor the illusion that he can destroy the reputation of those he bars by simply publicizing lies. I have no idea why he would want to do this. Nor, it appears, do some of his group who have contacted me. I do know that such intentional interference with a legitimate enterprise is an actionable tort with several causes of action. And I believe those who participate in the interference would do well to disassociate themselves from the lies, the interferencer, and the damage. For my part, I'm a long way from any nursing home. I have just completed a tour of about 25 meetings and conferences, two radio programs, two addresses to the Association of Christian Alcohol and Drug Counselors, a recent hour and a half talk at the Betty Ford annual Awareness Program, and a delightful shipping to recipients of the 350 cases of history books the professor has never seen. My addresses were to several Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, to several treatment programs, to counselors, to a Maui group, and to the hundreds and hundreds who phone and email me each month. And that will continue! The object is truthfully to report A.A. history, define the role that God, His Son and the Bible have played in the recovery movement, and help alcoholics, addicts, those with life-controlling problems, and those affected by the conduct - if they wish to seek God's help and apply to highly successful principles and practices of the program founded by Bill W. and Dr. Bob in 1935. God bless, Dick B. Author, 42 titles & over 500 articles on A.A. History Exec. Dir., International Christian Recovery Coalition Christian Recovery Resource Centers - Worldwide (808) 874-4876 PO Box 837, Kihei, HI 96753-0837

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