Thursday, April 21, 2011

And Thanks to All Who Wished Me Well at 25 Years

On facebook, by email, and by phone, a great many folks have sent very appealing letters as to my attaining 25 years of continuous sobriety, by the grace of God, as an active and recovered member of the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

I've tried to thank each of the well-wishers individually. But this will suffice for those who have not heard directly.

As I wrote in one note: 25 years of continuous sobriety in A.A., for me, is not like a 25 year retirement party which marks the end of a long and illustrious career. For the newcomer, it represents the fact that, in my case, every one of the 25 years has been better and better and farther and farther from the horrors of the last week's blackout that brought me to A.A. at about age 60. What it really represents is, that with the power, love, forgiveness, and healing of Almighty God, the miraculous has occurred. What's more - the best is yet to be.

And one person just wrote and asked if I knew where I was going. Answer: Yes. I will be with Jesus Christ when he comes to gather together the body of Christ. The dead in Christ will rise first. And then comes Dick. That's where!

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