Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Brunkows of Texas Become Third and Fourth New Coalition Participants Today

Thursday, April 28, 2011 may turn out to be a banner day in the rapid growth of International Christian Recovery Coalition.

Earlier, the new participant from Sydney, Australia, and the new participant from Waretown, New Jersey expressed their wish to be listed in and participate in the growing international number of participants in International Christian Recovery Coalition

Just as we were retiring tonight in Maui, we received the following listing for a husband and wife team in Texas. And here are the details:

Shawn and Valecia Brunkow, responsible members of Alcoholics Anonymous, located at First Baptist Church of Hitchcock, residing at 214 Sycamore Street, Hitchcock, Texas 77563--"where we also attend church and serve in the community to those still suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. We have distributed (free of charge) over 20 copies of "The Good Book and The Big Book" in the last week, to fellow members of Alcoholics Anonymous. Thank You for your generosity! Sir. And making it possible for us to serve the Lord in this manner. Valecia and I have been born again Christians since 1989, we are graduates from Abundant Life School of Ministry in La Marque Tx. we have ministered in Honduras and Bolivia. We now reside at 214 Sycamore street in Hitchcock Tx. 77563."

Wow. Four new participants in just one day--one from Australia, one from New Jersey, and two from Texas. And that is the growth that is taking place.

In His Service, Dick B., Executive Director, International Christian Recovery Coalition,

For those thinking of participating, just read our mission statement at; and if you concur, then provide a listing like the ones Shawn and Valecia just provided: "Shawn and Valecia B , responsible members of Alcoholics Anonymous, Hitchcock, Texas 77563"

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