Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Five Excellent Radio Talks by Dick B. in Commemoration of the Opening of Griffith Library, East Dorset, Vermont

The Griffith Library in East Dorset, Vermont, is adjacent to the East Dorset Congregational Church which is adjacent to the Wilson House in East Dorset, Vermont, and the Wilson House is where A.A. cofounder Bill Wilson was born. The Wilson House was restored by Ozzie and Bonnie L.; and then they decided to restore the Griffith Library  where Bill was reared by his grandfather Fayette Griffith and wife Ella. Benefactors of mine made it possible for me to donate to the new library some 30,000 books, papers, articles, news reports, and manuscripts covering almost every aspect and phase of early Alcoholics Anonymous History.

For eight years, at the request of Ozzie and Bonnie, I delivered a weekend heritage seminar at the Wilson House, and each covered A.A. history subjects, one by one each year.

Finally, the Griffith Library restoration was completed; and I delivered a series of five talks on  the occasion of the event. And here, on radio, are each of the five A.A. history presentations of 2005:


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